Norns update: 191028 -- maiden 1.0!

@ngwese has been hard at work on what is essentially a norns project manager.

now you can install, update, and remove norns scripts directly from maiden (ie, without using SFTP/etc).

available scripts are managed in catalogs and you can add to the norns community catalog directly on github. (more on this later).

huge, huge thank you to @ngwese. and for maiden on a whole! he’s been leading development since the beginning on this. it’s a joy to use— and now i’m finally going to try out a bunch of scripts i haven’t had time for, given how easy it is.


(with maiden’s project manager)

  • click the STACK OF BOOKS
  • top tab shows installed and available pages
  • on the available tab click the REFRESH icon to update your catalogs (this fetches newest list)
  • install things. have fun. forget all about SFTP (no don’t actually… you still need it to grab your audio files/etc… or someday you might find yourself in a 90’s movie saving the world from nuclear war and use your hacking skills to transfer just the right file at just the last minute…)

this is to say— we are in the midst of a massive docs overhaul both for norns but more broadly across the site. we’ll be getting maiden documentation updated in the coming week.

as usual, install by connecting your norns to wifi and using SYSTEM > UPDATE


maiden 1.0.0

maiden github release

  • NEW install, update, and remove projects based on a catalog of known scripts from with maiden (web) or maiden cli (ssh) @ngwese
  • NEW directly open existing files within the editor via URLs @ryanlaws
  • NEW refined, flatter file browser look @ngwese
  • NEW allow editing of json files @ngwese
  • FIX protect code, data, and audio folders from accidental deletion
  • FIX populate file rename dialog with current file name by default @synthetiv
  • FIX fix blank screen, scrollTo errors with using MS Edge @synthetiv
  • FIX ensure CTRL+P (CMD+P) plays the current script @ryanlaws
  • FIX maintain REPL size with resizing the browser window @synthetiv
  • FIX more distinct highlighting on REPL tabs @synthetiv

norns 2.2.2


This is a massive update. Thanks to all involved!

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Updating right away!
I’ve been watching the changes on the repo excitedly.


This is glorious. Thank you all!


Congratulations @ngwese this is a big step forward for the community! Greater usability, brings a bigger user base meaning more great scripts!!!

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Aye Caramba! I just finished updating my disk images and now there’s new stuff! :grin:


Congratulations, this is great. No more going trough bookmarks and categories on the internet!


Woah!! This is excellent. Thank you!


I’m excited to try the new flow! thanks for the hard work :slight_smile:

Wowee! Thanks for all the hard work! Very excited :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

sorry, i’m very new to this, but how do you install/update maiden? i now how to update norns…

The new version of maiden is included as part of the normal norns update - simply update norns as you’ve done in the past.

If by chance one is still seeming the old maiden after update try clicking refresh in your browser. Maiden tells the browser to cache much of the app locally.


wifi seems to be a lot slower after the update. I can’t get maiden to load (just stuck loading assets), arp index took several seconds to load in data, and over ssh keystrokes are taking several seconds to register.

The signal says -66dBm. Might be a coincidence and I haven’t used wifi-enabled stuff on norns a ton in this room yet, but I haven’t seen these issues on previous norns updates.

UPDATE: maiden did load and things seem to be as snappy as they ever were now. No idea what the issue was!

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ah thank you, that should be easy! :pray:t4:

working great so far. question I can’t figure out…what does the “lib” tag mean for the packages that have that?

If the tags on projects seem inconsistent and/or confusing please feel free to add issues to the norns-community repository on GitHub mentioned above (or pull requests)

The “lib” tag was intended to call attention to projects which contained lua utilities and libraries intended for use by other script or projects which other scripts tended to reference.

There isn’t anything too regimented about the tagging. The intention was to try and help people find “all the scripts which work with crow” (as an example)


makes sense!

just converted from my manually git-based packages (which I moved to a code_backup dir) to using maiden. The only thing missing based on what I had were a few from @jah. speaking of which, seems like there’s some cool things brewing on your github, @jah!

we do need to add, as moln, which is in the package manager, requires it. Not sure about the others

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Well let’s see this system in action - if you click the refresh button on the community catalog it should now contain r as a project.

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Thank you for all your work on this, @ngwese!

I hope this encourages more development in libraries and shared components. This is going to make it so much easier to see what’s out there (and where the gaps are).


thanks @ngwese for this ultimate update! :slight_smile: