Norns update: 191028 -- maiden 1.0!

That copy failure for the catalog files is actually fine/normal. They aren’t required, only the source files are.


Success. Thanks all.

I noticed the last timestamp on the syslog file is Sept 22 2018. Is there another place kernel/OS system activity is collected?

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Wow, new Maiden looks/works great!

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The Library browser is wonderful! Thank you!

When Kira_Midi is installed via madien it’s adding extra folders and scripts and “engines?” In it’s folder and then makes Norns not happy. If you just instal via SFTP it well “works but the actual script isn’t fully functional” works as expected. I don’t know enough about how to see errors and or monitor on madien.

I took a quick look and the GitHub repository for Kria_Midi is setup differently than most/all other projects. I just updated the catalog to point directly at the zip file which is referenced in the discussion thread: Kria MIDI

If you remove the previously installed kria_midi, refresh the community catalog, and then install kria_midi again you should (hopefully) be working.

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As someone who spent a few hours 2 days ago, re-updating my entire norns library, this update is amazing, I keep being impressed by how streamlined and elegant the experience is becoming with each new code addition, it’s unvaluable, I loved Norns at reception, I love it so much more a year later.


Yeah i feel exactly the same way. :point_up_2:

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It’s still installing extra things(a data folder and info, a super colider folder and info) into the Kria folder that messing up Norns not sure why this one is getting messed up via madien. If you download it from glit it does not have all the extra stuff and installs fine. Everything else’s I have installed is working just great and the new flow is otherwise great compared to doing it all manually.

Have you hit the refresh button on the community catalog? Currently the catalogs are only downloaded when the refresh button is clicked.

I was able to test on my norns that as of about 12 hours ago things were working (one more pass at getting the URL correct!)

ah thanks i was not familiar with the refresh button.

Im getting the duplicate engine error after installing kira_midi via the maiden app manager.


I’ve tried deleting both (one at a time) and in both cases I then get a Super Collider error.
Anyone know a fix?

Hi guys! Yesterday I updated to the latest version and I installed and updated the app through the new maiden, everything was fine. Today when I reboot Norns nothing works anymore and it tells me error: Duplicate engines. What can I do?

The problem is solved. :smiley:
the “fm7” update has created a duplicate of the engine. After eliminating the duplicate from “we” folder i solved.


Delete kria_midi, click the refresh icon on the available packages and reinstall.

There was an update to the git url used. New one works (had the same issue as you)


Installed - so quick! Thanks to everyone efforts. All fine but noticed temp permanently at 0c?

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I´ve a endless Refreshing catalog… (norns are connected to internet) so… what’s the deal?

update failed: reference has changed concurrently

What does this error mean?

I’m away from the device/code right now but I believe that is the underlying git library cryptically saying that the “project” has local changes which the git lib doesn’t know what do do with ahead of pulling an update down. If you don’t have any local changes you want to keep the most expedient way to get around this is to delete the project and reinstall it.

The git implementation currently in use is not the standard git command line tool and I’ve since discovered that it is limited in certain areas. Moving forward the hope would be to be more accommodating in situations like this - offering to blow away local changes or attempt a merge.

FWIW - if I tried to update a second time, it seemed to work OK.