Norns update: 191126

use SYSTEM > UPDATE while connected to the internet via wifi.

webdav = no more sftp

in macos finder, use apple-K


user: we pass: sleep

windows, use “map network drive”

script encoder params

user scripts can now set encoder sensitivity and acceleration, which is properly remembered when switching in/out of menu mode.

norns.enc.sens(1,4) -- set encoder 1 to sensitivity 4 (slower)
norns.enc.accel(0, true) -- turn on acceleration for all encoders)


norns 2.2.3

  • NEW scripts can set encoder sensititivty and accel
  • NEW monome grid device intensity
  • ADD crow.add and crow.remove user callbacks @audionerd
  • FIX missing engine error message reporting
  • FIX wifi menu indication
  • FIX system update indication improvements
  • FIX system globals, menu code organization


  • NEW webdav file server


The workflow keeps getting sweeter :slight_smile:


You’re making it so easy to use this thing, how am I gonna feel hardcore now?


This is super nice! :partying_face:

For whatever reason, I needed to use the norns ip address, instead of norns.local, to get things going.

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just to note, SFTP still works! (i still use ssh+scp+vim) :grimacing: :slight_smile: :rainbow:

  • NEW monome grid device intensity

What does this mean exactly?

Might be just me, but I cannot seem to load samples from the params menu (eg. on foulplay or mangl).

Not just you, @GoneCaving. I’m also experiencing this… :sweat_smile:

Seems like key2 and key3 no longer function in the params menu, @tehn.

holy moly, will get right on this

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re-run UPDATE after deleting /home/we/version.txt (i should make a menu option to hard-update)

overall brightness scaling

g = grid.connect()
g:intensity(x) -- x=0-15 for overall brightness

Much better, and also now seeing the “any key” message when the update completes. I did have to restart after deleting the versions file, before running the update again (otherwise it just told me it was already up to date).

Thanks for the quick turnaround!

You may need to reboot norns after deleting version.txt to get the update to run, I did anyway :slight_smile:

Works as expected now! :partying_face::partying_face:

hey I’m lost to how i do this? can someone explain where and how to do this

I used ssh to log in to norns. Then used rm version.txt to remove the file.

you can use SFTP

or SSH/serial

Rebooting into Mangl is consistently throwing error: missing Glut.
Glut is installed, and if i load Mangl from the select menu it loads without issue.

edit: this seems to happen in all scripts that require an engine. i.e. earthsea is throwing error: missing PolySub after a reboot, but loads fine from select…

ah i was lookin in madden and the new finder but i see it now.

Will this overall brightness work as a sort of simple way of allowing all information to be present on legacy grids? This way all information could come through as either 0 or 15 (off/on respectively)?

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I’m not having that issue, I’ve been able to run mangl and glut ok.

have you tried running mangl, then sleeping? i only get the error after a reboot.