Norns: update 200129



norns 2.2.8

  • FIX USB device managment crashes (!) @ngwese
  • FIX softcut buffer management @catfact
  • FIX softcut defaults and docs @catfact
  • FIX engine deinint @antonhornquist
  • NEW audio i/o reverse mechanism for shield
  • NEW clear script hotkey (K1+SELECT)

changes to softcut lua module unfortunately include a typo that breaks it.

if you do this update you’ll also want to pull from master to get the hotfix. (no need to rebuild matron.)

or you can make a small manual change as described here


update files fixed.

if you updated already:

re-run the update by holding K1 will selecting SYSTEM > UPDATE (this will force-rerun instead of saying “up to date”)


UGH there is actually yet another set of typos in softcut.lua that is now fixed in master. (this won’t matter unless you use the softcut.defaults() function, which does not have a clear purpose anyway, beyond memorializing the underlying values that correspond to the state after calling softcut.reset().)

so…is it safe to update now?
or should i wait?

it’s safe. i don’t believe there are any scripts in the wild that use softcut.defaults(). if you need it, ssh in and do cd ~/norns && git pull


got a hard OLED lock after update. Sequence of events

  • reset
  • update from system menu
  • reset
  • install Cheat Codes
  • Attach grid and arc
  • run cheat codes

After a few minutes of grid and arc not responding, I hear the startup sound but OLED is blank. Maiden running with the following output

libmonome: error in write: Resource temporarily unavailable
libmonome: error in write: Resource temporarily unavailable
libmonome: error in write: Resource temporarily unavailable

update unplugging the arc reset the whole unit

wow, maybe bad download?

Dunno. Cheat Codes works now. Been playing with it for an hour now :man_shrugging:

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FWIW - I get these quite often with the neotrellis grid. It appears (or I should say I think) that libmonome is sending/expecting some data and it throws this error until the device has properly initialized and sent whatever serial “hello” that libmonome is expecting.

In this situation with arc - maybe check dmesg to see if there was an undervoltage warning? Maybe the arc+grid was pulling too much juice and arc didn’t initialize?

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