Norns: update 200218

use SYSTEM > UPDATE when you’re connected to the internet via wifi.


norns 2.2.9

  • FIX system reset is more thorough (resets levels and vports)
  • NEW softcut as submodule @catfact
  • FIX integrate maiden-repl @ngwese
  • FIX softcut buffer read skipped remainder frames @catfact
  • FIX softcut_clear_buffer_region_channel @catfact
  • FIX expose screen.text_extents @antonhornquist
  • FIX extract _norns.reset @pq

this is a minor update, but should address some issues that people may have been having with recovering from lockups. the SYSTEM > RESET option now resets your levels and vports, which should solve confusing problems with routing or usb. (@SPIKE please let me know!)

now is a good time to re-iterate this PSA:


this is the equivalent of hard-cutting power to a computer. it has a strong potential of messing up your file system, possibly creating confusing problems for us to resolve and leading to a higher likelihood that you’ll need to do a fresh install.

the ONLY time you should ever use the bottom button is if your norns UI is completely unresponsive. pushing this button will NEVER fix anything, and will more likely break something. always instead use the menu to SLEEP or SYSTEM > RESET.



just a really weird FYI…

only reason i am reporting this is because it happened on both of my norns.

after the usual download and install procedure for update…
norns states: Use any button to shut down

i pushed the K1 button on each norns and they shut down.

waited a few moments and then pushed and held the K1 button to wake them up…nothing happened.
DON’T PANIC! was echoing in my head…i tapped the K2 button and norns woke up to it’s: NONE, SELECT, SYSTEM, SLEEP page

i tapped K2 again and saw in the system stats that the OS was still the old version.
so…ran the update procedure again but THIS time i used the K2 or K3 button on both norns when they stated it was ready to shut down.

everything looks good now!