Norns: update 200323

use SYSTEM > UPDATE while connected to the internet.


norns 2.3.0

  • NEW parameter menu system, many new features
  • NEW tape naming on record, indexing
  • NEW soft reset by 10sec hold K3-K2-K1 sequentially
  • NEW tape play now loops, supports mono files @widdly
  • FIX remove ws logging, rescue disk space @ngwese
  • FIX softcut buffer write and clear, meters @zebra
  • FIX more effective reset, remove configs

parameter system update

many big changes, please be patient while we update the docs. here’s the quick rundown:

  • PARAMETERS is in the same global page position, but now has a tree: EDIT, PSET, and MAP.


  • GROUPS are now possible. tree structure, navigate with K2/K3. only one level of depth allowed.
  • SYSTEM AUDIO params all are now in the param menu!
  • SEParators can be named, and also K3 will jump to the next SEP (for quick nav)
  • new param type: TEXT (for storing/editing a text string)


  • OSC names are shown in the MAP view
  • many more param types are midi mappable now (!!!)
  • cc, channel, and device selection
  • in/out range scaling
  • accum mode for incremental rotary encoders


  • @markeats inspired interface: E2 scrolls save/load function, E3 scrolls slot, K3 executes
  • option to name each pset, with default text

scripting notes for new param system



this makes a group with two params. num1 and num1 go in the group (the first two that followed the definition).

groups cannot be nested.

named sep


this prints “filter” above the line for the section (otherwise blank)

  • K2 on sep jumps to next sep
  • K1+E2 jumps between seps (plus top line)


any param can be hidden from the list. indexing by number only.

x = params:visible(4) -- returns false
  • by default everything is visible.
  • you can hide entire subgroups.


if you’re in a lockup situation (for whatever reason) DO NOT USE THE BOTTOM WHITE BUTTON (which can cause data loss which may force you to do a tedious disk re-flash).

now you can push-and-hold K3-K2-K1 (in this order) for 10 seconds and the system will reset (unless you have an extremely strange lockup, in which case please let us know).


the new params menu is great! i love the ability to name sections :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: i definitely need to update some scripts now :slight_smile:


groups alone should help with the tedious menu diving :slight_smile:


Great! I’m excited to midi map these now.


same and got me to actually look at my old library threads… can’t believe it’s coming up on a year since the last time i felt like i actually had the time to code. i wonder how much i remember. long live norns!


are these code breaking changes or just nice new things to take advantage of?

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this all sounds awesome
thank you team!

seriously a game changer for me thank you so much

Just new stuff. Nothing breaks :slight_smile:


Fantastic. Delighted to see tape looping, and the new params looks like a big improvement.

@tehn, param groups are awesome!! intuitive to navigate, and so much cleaner :partying_face:


I don’t think there are any breaking API changes.

.pmaps and .psets might need to be recreated

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Been waiting for this update! Time to clean up my parameter menus.


i dont think norns is saving my mix levels after shut down. :thinking:

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good find. we made some last minute changes and this happened. i made an issue:

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As far as hide() and show() go, what’s the easiest to keep track of parameter indexes? I don’t see it in the API, but is there something like params:index(id) or would it be cleaner to handle it another way?

Also, if no one else has done it yet, I can update the Paramset api docs.

I seem to be having a hard time installing this update for some reason. I haven’t had any issues before.

  • I went to install it using the internal update process and it hung on the ‘downloading’ screen for over 20 minutes. Without any sort of reset, I managed to get back to the main screen and rebooted the unit before trying again. I then continued to hang on the ‘checking for update…’ screen.

  • I have tried to inspect the WIFI settings only to find that it was at about -30dBm. I tried to reconnect the WIFI before it got caught on the ‘accessing’ screen. So. I deleted the WIFI connection, tried the WIFI nub in another USB slot, and tried to reconnect WIFI to no avail.

  • I then turned the unit off before downloading the update as a tgz archive onto a USB drive and then tried updating with the drive in the USB. It is now stuck on the ‘checking for update’ screen. No dice.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

edit: i’m updating from the 200218 version and currently have 2.044 GB of disk space.

Worked for me. Looks great! Stoked for the Tape revisions! Thanks, keep up the great work.

sounds like the wifi isn’t working generally. can you connect via maiden? does the catalog update work?

Strange! I put it into hotspot mode to get into maiden and checked around for any errors or loose code, things looked ok, rebooted and then tried connecting to WIFI again and finally completed the connection, attempted to update again and voila: it updated flawlessly.

Not sure what happened this go around but I appreciate the help.

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