Norns: update 200328

use SYSTEM > UPDATE as usual!

(see 200323 also which is a much bigger update)


norns 2.3.1

  • NEW (BETA) link support @artfwo
  • NEW lua filters lib @zebra
  • FIX mix levels and rev/comp state don’t save in psets, persist in system.state
  • FIX param hide/show
  • FIX update docs


link — thanks to @artfwo we have preliminary link support in the clock subsystem— though neither have extensive docs or examples yet, they are forthcoming— if you’re interested in testing, please let us know.

filters.lua@zebra started on some musical event processing, example usage forthcoming

parameter system fixes — mix levels and rev/comp on/off are no longer saved with pset, but persist between scripts and boots. added a flag system for saving pset data: there’s currently no UI, but now you can set parameters (in init, for example) to not be saved in psets. also fixed a minor bug with visible()


Link!!! Heck yeah! Dance party!

willing to read up about this on github…where can it be found?

I think this pull request is what you’re looking for.

I have one simple example in a test script here: Norns Beatclock - how to get 32 beats (also calculating bpm)?

ok thanks

now i’m seeing if i want to check future changes
i’ll just search

is:pr is:closed

and a whole list pops up


I’d be glad to test link :grin:

you can start with the script linked below. @moderators, does it make sense to move the linked post here as well?

made a new topic for this

Mine took a very long time to download for some reason but did ultimately complete. It might’ve taken 20-30 minutes.

github has been having occasional trouble this month unfortunately.

general tip: open maiden before running an update for much more progress detail


I’ve been having some freezing issues with Norns on this firmware. It’s been about 3 full non responsive freezers in 2 weeks. The soft reset doesn’t work and I had no choice other then do the hard reset using the button underneath. The first freeze was the worst as Norns was outputting a buzzy tone. I also noticed the USB wifi adapter was lit up.
I have a grid, crow, Roland um:one and USB Wifi adapter all connected. There could possible be a connection to Norns freezing and external clock. From memory I was using an external clock into crow and had stopped the clock for some time. Maybe something timed out in Norns? Just a thought.

Do you mean the stock WiFi adapter?

Yes that! I’ll edit my post.