Norns: update 200712


norns 2.4.2


  • NEW ‘maiden’ alias


  • crow 2.0 support! (crow firmware coming later today!)
  • FILE SELECT now has an up-folder (..) selection for navigation, K2 is now only for cancel (makes so much sense!), and folder location is resumed! FILE PARAMs can be adjusted with E3.
  • controlspec now has quantum: previously delta was 1/100 of the range. number and control param types now have wrap attribute. see #1149
  • @ngwese has a rad project in the works— these libs are part of it, but also more generally useful
  • maiden is now in the path which simplifies command-line operation ie:
ssh we@norns.local
maiden repl

(you have to enter password after ssh)

run SYSTEM > UPDATE when connected to the internet


20 Characters of THANK YOU!

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All the interface changes make so much sense (both user and dev facing). Many thanks!

Also, don’t need my bash alias anymore!



this is awesome! :partying_face:

should this be K2?

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yes, fixed! thanks mat!!

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Nice! Now I’m wondering, what are the different use cases for step vs. quantum when it comes to controlspec? I can’t think of one where I would want the former over the latter.

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step is the output quantization, it’s guaranteed that the control output is always a multiple of this, whether you adjust the control via the PARAMS menu or from calling params:delta / params:set in your script. So one use for this might be controlling something that is ultimately discrete – for instance if your script outputs midi CCs you could use a controlspec with an output range of 0-127 and a step of 1.

quantum instead controls the input quantization, which affects the step size when adjusting via the menu or mapped params, but has no effect on calls to params:delta / params:set – you can pass any value to these and the control’s output value will be adjusted accordingly, and quantized to a multiple of step.


@tehn @ngwese are there docs or more information on these libs? Might be useful for a script I’ve been thinking of making lately.

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Great, thank you!!! :blush: :heart:


NEW fileselect resume folder location

This is something I wanted so much! Makes things way easier :partying_face:

There are luadocs to serve as an API reference but nothing like tutorials or studies for these container libraries. I haven’t looked yet to see it the HTML reference docs are included in the release or not. I’ll look later today.

In the meantime you could look at the source directly:

Using one of the libraries in a script would look like:
local Deque = require “container/deque”


I am most happy about the “Fileselect Resume Folder Location”. This makes the sample-based scripts much easier to use. Thanks for the update.


Im trying to update and its throwing up 200604? after “checking for update” - any ideas?

Thank you!
Does it works also with Fates? By now it says “up to date” but I’m sure is the 200604…

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@dogma @Alessio @encephalitislethargi are you all using fates? that’s on a different update system, so you’ll have to wait— check the fates thread.


Yep,mine is a Fates :slight_smile: thank you for the clarification!

currently the fates update needs to be managed separately because of kernel divergence. this will likely change in the future with version 3.0, but until then these will not be in sync.


The ever present and thrilling shadow of 3.0…!


Trying to grab this using System > Update but my norns is stuck on “checking for update…” for over an hour. Able to SSH to it so wifi is working. Should I update manually?

I think I had this issue as well. I think it worked after reconnecting the wifi and/or a restart.

Just rebooted/restarted and now I’m getting a “SUPERCOLLIDER FAIL”. Going to search here and see what I can do to fix. Suggestions still welcome, of course! :grin:

UPDATE: Tried running the update again and now it is downloading. #gofigure :man_shrugging:t2: