Norns: update 201023 / 201029


norns 2.4.3

  • NEW softcut: copy buffers with reverse and crossfade @csboling
  • NEW softcut: grab buffer data (for visualization) @csboling
  • NEW softcut: crossfade and preserve buffer options for buffer_clear @csboling
  • NEW script favorites @zzsnzmn
  • NEW virtual raw midi port support @ngwese @patriciogv
  • NEW midi sysex support improved @ngwese
  • NEW params: type binary for trig, toggle, momentary @andrew
  • NEW params: option to disable mapping @ngwese
  • NEW deque: add peek, peek_back, find @ngwese
  • NEW sky: additions and refinements @ngwese
  • NEW ui slider direction option @ericmoderbacher
  • FIX midi: handle running status @ngwese
  • FIX musicutil: scale refinement @markeats
  • FIX softcut: clamp params @zebra
  • FIX update system: clean up @tridae
  • FIX er: handle empty table, add shift @zebra
  • FIX build: remove boost, use moodycamel @zebra
  • FIX prevent crash when trimming unicode strings @markeats
  • FIX tape: protect from overwriting files @csboling
  • FIX script preview: remove trailing whitespace @csboling
  • FIX git housekeeping @ngwese
  • FIX param menu: restore fine control after fileselect @tomw
  • FIX controlspec: quantum not set when copying @tomw


updated full disk images

not necessary for the update (just use SYSTEM > UPDATE) but available if you want a full clean install (note this will wipe your whole disk, so backup first)



major highlights include:

  • new softcut capabilities written by @csboling: waveform visualization, buffer copying with crossfades and reversal, and crossfaded buffer clear. these non-realtime operations open up a lot of possibilities. @dan_derks has some sample code and updated studies, forthcoming!
  • “favorites” system for script menu. use E3 to toggle a script as a “favorite”, which will appear in a list at the top next time you enter the screen. this list is saved in dust. added by @zzsnzmn!
  • new “binary” param type for trigger, toggle, and momentary param menu interaction— @andrew want to post a demo?
  • new kernel! put together by the tireless @ngwese


norns 2.4.4

  • FIX midi/crow listing bug @ngwese

also updated image files with cleaned up device state.


are live!


pull the updated softcut studies from maiden :revolving_hearts:

many thanks to @csboling for the gorgeous work on softcut (and @zebra for softcut, always forever)

this update rules.

also, we took the opportunity to update the stock scripts which come with a fresh image. there’s been so much incredible energy from the community over the last few months + we were very excited to add some of the new classics to the “unboxing” experience :slight_smile:

for the curious

NEW script favorites @zzsnzmn

Already the best update EVER! :raised_hands:


this is awesome! thanks for all the work everyone <3



the goal of these was to open up new mapping behavior specifically for foot-switch devices - which does not work in this update, buy hopefully I’ll find some time to add the map page support before the next one !

really excited to try these softcut scissors @csboling ! I already have an app design brewing that will need em


WOW! 20 characters of :clap:

Amazing work, everyone!

This looks like a big one!! Amazing work as always

Amazing!! :partying_face:

Thank you so much everyone involved :smiley:

Whoa. Most impressive.

@tehn I’m @tomwaters on github. Thanks!

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Great release - looking forward to messing with the new softcut bits. What is sky? Is there some documentation about it somewhere?

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i’ve been getting 404’s for the softcut API:


that page comes from a link from softcut studies. Is it under construction atm?

Ha - it is a higher level event processing framework that provides devices which you can chain together. There is no documentation currently but there will be a script releasing in the next week or two which is built with it.

The ambition is to provide some docs and study type material. Soon.


guhhh. docs have been shuffling around the last few days, apologies.

here it is


couple things to note:

  • this is not the “big” update to softcut, that will land with norns 3.0 [*]. that will include breaking changes to the APIs and will require a beta/RC period so that script authors can check it out (we may want to revise some decisions, etc.)

  • we don’t yet have documentation for the additional NRT buffer-processing stuff that sam has kindly added. if this is an interesting direction, we could easily extend the concept to add other NRT generation/filtering/editing functions. (allow contributions, etc.) it would be useful to kick the tires on these first, since i suspect some architectural issues could be exposed. (e.g. lack of proper thread-safety mechanisms around the softcut buffers.)

[*] i am no longer gonna try and make predictions as to when this will land. 2020 is hard


Successfully reflashed my Norns from the image this afternoon and all is well. Really looking forward to the using the waveform peak calculation functionality, script favorites is an awesome feature I didn’t know I wanted, and I’m very pleased you saw fit to include Euclidigons in the default script set (shout out to @setfield too!).

I got a little scared when my Grid + Arc weren’t immediately recognized by scripts, but then I saw that there was already a Grid and Arc configured in SYSTEM > DEVICES. Removing them from port 1 and then adding mine fixed the problem. I don’t remember having to do that before, so just a note for others who might run into the same thing.

CM3+ users will also have to do the sudo raspi-config > Advanced > Expand Filesystem thing in order to get access to their extra disk space.


ah, sorry about that! that’d be the test grid + arc, which weren’t wiped out of the system before compiling the image. i’ll make a note for us to fix that, thank you!

and thank you for the CM3+ note – i’ve added the expansion steps to the fresh install docs. :revolving_hearts:


Just wanted to note that I believe folks can use the normal SYSTEM > UPDATE menu to pick up the new release. Re-flashing the entire device shouldn’t be needed unless problems are encountered.

The initial post is a bit ambiguous with respect to the use of the images. The new images help address a question which has come up in a few threads where people were wondering if there was a newer image to start from when building a device.


Do you know if you still have to backup your recorded material when updating this way?