Norns: update 201023 / 201029

Whew, that’s good to know. Thanks Dan!

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i would back things up just in case.

(i mean, if your recordings are precious i would back them up ASAP anyways… you never know)


Has anyone else had their Crow stop listening to Norns after the update? Double checked with my computer, it still connects and listens to the M4L-device.

Edit: Did a fresh install, didn’t help. Also, the midi devices behave strangely after the update. Un-plugging and re-inserting them creates new instances, e.g. bleached, 2, 3…

@ngwese what is that new virtual midi exactly?



confirmed – it seems that crow is populating as a MIDI device (seeing crow: telephone line in the DEVICES > MIDI menu). we’ll get on this ASAP, thank you for the report!!


I need to add some documentation for it still but the short description is that it allows another program; running directly on the norns device, to send/receive MIDI to matron (the lua environment within norns).

If you are at all familiar with IAC virtual midi devices on macOS this addition is similar.

The bulk of the implementation was from @patriciogv and the motivating use case was to open the door to experimenting with rtpmidi. More work needs to be done before something like the rtpmidid daemon itself could be controlled within matron but the potential is there.

Within SYSTEM > DEVICES > MIDI one can assign the always present virtual device to one of the for MIDI ports to leverage the feature. Unlike normal physical devices the virtual device will not get implicitly mapped to a port in matron.


Excellent. Is this related to the issue with midi devices registrating over and over again?
If it turns out to be tricky, take time, is there any way of getting back to the latest firmware? I know it didn’t have its own image file.

i’m unfortunately not able to repro this with devices other than crow. i’ve tested with an OP-Z, Arturia KeyStep 32, and a NeoTrellis M4. none of these are Teensy-powered, though. we’ve got a 16n somewhere, i’ll be sure to test with that later on.

if you wish to roll back to 200712, get norns and your computer connected to the same WIFI network and use a terminal to execute these commands:

ssh we@norns.local
[enter the norns password, default is 'sleep']
cd update
tar xzvf norns200712.tgz
cd 200712
sudo shutdown now

I tried with my Digitone and this does not create multiples. Bleached multiplies on each connection, I came up to 6, then gave up. Will roll back and wait for the fix. Thank you kindly for a quick reply!


I just pushed up a proposed fix for the crow appearing as a midi device problem. The next step is review and validation.

I don’t have any teensy based devices to test against but it might fix the duplicate device registration problem for those as well. If a given teensy device was presenting both a serial and usb/midi endpoint then the bug which affected crow recognition would also likely affect these devices.


I will try to do some testing with this on shield tomorrow (Wednesday afternoon) with various teensy devices.

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also happy to test w/ shield. i was working on a 16n script that no longer works with latest update :slight_smile:

Nice. I tried running the Orca-c version of ORCΛ on the RaspberryPi outside norns because it can be manipulated over ssh without a HID keyboard (this was before I was informed of frederickk’s branch of norns ORCΛ with encoder input), but it failed to connect to MIDI. This might help or might not. Thanks regardlessl

so i was going through the OS update on all of the norns and i got to the norns shield…

everything seemed to run as it should during the update.

now the shield will not boot back up.

i see the red LED and there is a green LED that blinks twice…then nothing.

i unplugged everything from it and tried powering up again…same result.

what can i do?

thanks for any help!

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@ngwese I made this tweak on my norns shield based on your pull request, and it seems to work. thanks. however, the duplicate 16n device (it’s listed as 16n 2 in the midi devices list) is still listed, and the midi connection only works when i select 16n 2, it does not work with listed 16n device. Is there a way to refresh/clean what is listed in the norns midi devices?

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SYSTEM > RESET in the menu is the best way to clear out any existing device assignments.

I’ve noticed a potential problem in the update script itself where multiple copies of the new kernel are getting written to the device. There was enough space on the norns device but in the case of my shield test device the file system used to boot the device filled up as part of the update (but it still ran).

I’m guessing that is what might have happened in your case.

If you have nothing precious on the devices reflashing with one of the images is probably the fastest but I would hold off on that for a bit. We need to verify that the full images are clean as well.

It is possible to recover the device if you have stuff to pull off but that is more involved than I can type out on my phone right now!


i’m in the process right now of releasing the fixed update, which also removes the extra kernel files in addition to the crow/midi fix.

new disk images forthcoming with minor corrections as well.

@SPIKE you can back up any of your files before flashing by putting your sdcard into your computer and looking in the rootfs drive under /home/we/ — or i can provide more surgical instructions to fix/restore the kernel if you want to get into it


however, the duplicate 16n device (it’s listed as 16n 2 in the midi devices list) is still listed, and the midi connection only works when i select 16n 2, it does not work with listed 16n device. Is there a way to refresh/clean what is listed in the norns midi devices?

the midi device list will refresh whenever there’s a device change (plug/unplug)

i tested with my early proto 16n which just shows up as “teensy midi” and it only shows one device— i don’t have a new 16n to test against— but if this problem persists we can open a git issue and investigate it going forward.


heads up that 201029 is live. bugfix release. disk images updated.



Link in the first post appears incorrect for factory norns (part of the URL includes the previous release date). Found the image here:

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