Norns: update 201023 / 201029

link has been corrected, here it is again:

@Dogma, sounds like something is definitely strange with your shield software – can you confirm if you have a fates or any supplemental software like ORAC or sidekick?

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Yes I have a fates

No orac or sidekick that I know of

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ah, this update + the images posted above are for norns and norns shield only – fates has its own update cycle, repository, and images. more info here: Fates - a DIY norns DAC board for Raspberry Pi


Doh! I thought they merged last update

Really sorry for wasting your time


unsure, but perhaps there’s some additional management @okyeron handles to make the magic happen :slight_smile:


i’m updated and things seem to be working well!

i love the waveform visualization - it is so wonderful on this little screen. i can’t wait to add it into some scripts!

i started playing around with the waveform ui and i’m having a little issue implementing a zoom. basically i’m pretty sure i’m using the right set points but the waveform visualizes a lot of what i think shouldn’t be in the zoomed-in window:

its 100% possible i messed up the code but in any case i need some help (pinging @csboling if you have time). here is the relevant code:

that repo should be functional (just turn E2/E3 to the right to get it to work and then K2 to zoom in/out)



hey ya!
ok…i just updated the shield norns!

  • started with a flash of: norns200106-shield.img
  • ran the SYSTEM > UPDATE
  • stuck on the screen “shutting down” for a long time
  • unplugged it (wasn’t sure if it was stuck or if that was normal behavior on a shield norns. i guess they just don’t actually shut down all the way)
  • powered up and booting
  • looks like i’m on 201029
  • :stuck_out_tongue:

no worries about any lost files.
i normally back up all of the norns but the shield norns is only being used as an effect box so there really wasn’t anything in there to lose. heh!

thanks so much for the help!

now to go and update the rest of the horde.

small update…
i was installing all the scripts and one kept hanging on me: norns/circle/01 drone in three worlds

i left it “installing” for quite a while and then finally hit the “X” on the pop up in maiden.

looked back over at the shield and the screen was off.
pushed K1.
i had maiden still open and this is what i got when it woke up:


(process:21674): GLib-GIO-WARNING **: /build/glib2.0-F5w919/glib2.0-2.50.3/./gio/gdbusobjectmanagerclient.c:1585: Processing InterfaceRemoved signal for path /org/freedesktop/NetworkManager/AccessPoint/23 but no object proxy exists

not sure what that is all about.

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Thanks for the update. Crow is back up running and the midi devices are no longer duplicated. I egt another strange behaviour though. My Grid gets unresponsive and after disconnecting / connecting Norns freezes. This happened two times. Anyone else having trouble with Grid?

just replying to myself: lack of sleep made me dumb. i can see now my mistake: the rendering should be with a startpoint and a duration and not an endpoint. i just had to read the docs more carefully.

render_buffer (ch, start, dur, samples)

everything works for me now. a new script is in progress!


Great, glad you got it sorted out! If it’s helpful I wrote a little script for (mono only) waveform debugging that I used to help me develop and verify these new softcut features. It has basic zoom / jog / play / record controls.


Haven’t seen anyone posting issues with midi/devices on 201029, those who have run the update, is this your experience? Are crow issues some were having fixed?

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Both of my issues were resolved. Crow and duplicates of bleached.


Since the update some scripts that use softcut seem to be veeeery clicky during recording, as if the buffer jumps all the time. Noticed this in worms, cranes, Otis and oooooo. Someone noticed something like this?


dang – I did some runs with both Otis and oooooo before release and wasn’t seeing any extra clickiness aside from the ones expected from playhead/recordhead crossovers (which has always happened). i actually thought oooooo sounded particularly clean for how much is happening (@infinitedigits, such a fun script!!) . if you can share some simple repro steps with one of the scripts and maybe an artifact of the issue, i can totally dig into testing on 200712 vs 201029 tomorrow AM :revolving_hearts:


ok, found the issue. this was on me, sorry - rec_offset should not be clamped to non-negative values. this is the reason for the glitchy resampling sound. if there is some other artifact (skipping??) i’m not yet aware of it…

PR for the resampling fix

(PS for script authors: there is rarely, if ever, any need to explicitly set rec_offset - the default should be appropriate for all “typical” applications.)


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I’m trying to port Samsara to using the new offline operations, and I’m struggling a bit. I’m trying to double the loop length of the softcut loop via

softcut.buffer_copy_stereo(0, loop_dur, loop_dur + 1, 0, 0, false)

but it seems to produce a rather noticeable discontinuity right at the splice point. So in an originally-second loop that I double to 4 seconds, there’s a discontinuity at the 2 second mark (when it loops back around to the 0 second mark using the default softcut looping at the 4 second mark, there’s no discontinuity). I know that softcut does a short crossfade in its normal looping (which is why I copy loop_dur+1 worth of content), so I tried to use buffer_copy_stereo's fade_time parameter, but that didn’t seem to help at all no matter which values I threw at it.

Any thoughts or ideas?