norns: update 210927



norns 2.6.0

maiden 1.1.4

  • NEW preview audio files on device in browser @stvnrlly
  • FIX explicit (instead of implicit) untitled script creation on initial landing view
  • NEW loading animation when loading scripts/audio into editor
  • NEW add version metadata to maiden cli @winder
  • NEW allow release builds for any architecture @winder

mods and custom events

@ngwese has done some exceptional work to facilitate modifications to the core workings of the norns environment.

if you have a feature that you’d like to modify the basic function of norns, for all scripts, but it’s a feature that shouldn’t necessarily be always available as a foundational norns feature: this is the path.

this is a way for us (the core developers) to keep the main norns codebase efficient, small, and understandable while allowing for substantial customization.

full documentation is forthcoming (i’m working on it) but greg’s example mod demo lays out the basics.

furthermore, greg extended the matron event system (this is on the C level) for custom event types— which is a big deal for opening up norns to even more substantial customization. this is very low-level stuff, but if that’s your thing check out the event demo for a sense of what’s possible.

maiden audio preview

you can now hear audio files through the maiden interface!


  • softcut got mix_buffer_mono and mix_buffer_stereo
  • sequins (just like crow) is now on norns
  • way more keyboard support
  • fixes and more

is this a new record ? :star2:


Holy crap I love this!!


Mod system sounds incredible, nice stuff @ngwese! I’m really excited to see what global mods people create to augment scripts and provide utilities


I am very intrigued by sequins but I can’t find it in the list of scripts after installing the update. I double-checked maiden and didn’t see an option to install it there either. Can anyone shine some light on sequins? :slight_smile:

I believe it’s a library, not a script - it’s used as a resource for creating scripts so that the coder doesn’t have to come up with that particular code themselves.


i have norns-centric docs queued up for tomorrow, but usability is same as script reference | monome/docs, just load it up in a script with my_sequins_variable = require ‘sequins’ and let it rip :slight_smile:

s = require 'sequins' = 'PolyPerc'

function init()
  some_notes = s{300,600,450,250}
    while true do

also @tyleretters and @jaseknighter likely have some fun starting points!


sooo happy to see sequins included in the latest release!

@Zeke_B, happy to walk you through sequins and share what i’ve learned so far. :heart:


so true!

this is beautiful


Thanks! That would be awesome!

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Hey hooks and mods system! I’m excited to see what gets built with this.

I was imagining it’d a nice way to implement crow output for scripts that only support MIDI.


@ngwese that mod example is exactly what I need to stop procrastinating about digging into the mod system. Thanks so much, I think this will make a lot of people happy!

was wondering…
could these norns: update posts have the norns tag added to them?

i seem to constantly missing these update posts since they don’t appear in the Library or under norns tag searches. :slight_smile:


Looks like a great set up updates and fixes; nice work.

Updating has gone mostly fine so far; I had difficulty reconnecting the wifi, but powering off with sleep and restarting a couple of times as well just for good measure fixed that.

i added the tag here. at a quick glance, seems like this is the only one where the tag was mistakenly left off.


The mod system looks really cool :sunglasses:
Also like the audiofile preview :+1:
I love you people :heart_eyes::control_knobs::fire:

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I’m really excited about these (since I did them I should be haha)! What actually happened is softcut’s read_buffer_mono and read_buffer_stereo now have mix and preserve arguments, allowing you to read in audio from a file at something other than full volume and preserve some amount of what’s already present! We used Lua’s default arguments, so existing softcut code should need no change.


are live!

two sets of examples:

  • first one sets up a little scaffolding in the script and then encourages live-execution using the CMD-ENTER / CTL-ENTER maiden keyboard gesture contributed by @infinitedigits a while back. i think there’s a ton of potential in manipulating sequins on the fly via livecode :revolving_hearts:
  • second one shows how any datatype can be sequinsed!

for the sequins and lattice curious, i created this “eduscript”


this question may have already been answered; my apologies if im just not seeing it

how would i find more information about learning to build mods, or even just see an example. i feel like its right in front of me and im not seeing it, but contributing to this idea seems more up my alley than trying to keep up with everyone else in making an entire script… for now at least.