Norns: Update All using maiden

i am having a bit of an issue with the Update All in maiden.

two norns…both on 200328 - norns 2.3.1
(though this has been occurring for quite some time.)

on norns #1: it seems to update but it just hangs on the Updating dialog box and just sits there stating Updating… until i click on the check mark button and then it just goes away.

on norns #2: it updates and gives me the report like so:

why doesn’t it show the report when updating norns #1?

thanks for any help!!!


I’ve never seen the report. I just assumed they updated.

The “update all” button simply iterates through all the projects and does the equivalent of a git pull. If the summary dialog never comes up then one of the operations hung.

Best thing I can suggest is the power norns down, wait a minute or so to let the DHCP network lease expire, then power up and try again.

Independent of maiden I have been seeing all kinds flakey behavior from GitHub in the last month.


This worked. I also deleted a bunch of stuff I was not using in case they were causing problems.