Norns: updates



This is actually new in the update everyone just installed, so not used for that update :slight_smile:


the norns paradox: to know if it’s upgraded or not you have to upgrade it first! :slight_smile:


well, there I go muddying the waters!

sounds like this is true moving forward at least. sorry for adding any necessary confusion!

on the bright side we maybe have a new unwanted band name at least:



If there’s a chance the update isn’t flushed to disk until shutdown/fsync then maybe the message shouldn’t say “complete.” but rather “rebooting to finish update” or similar.



an “unupgraded” norns (fresh from first batch) will have a version string like “v0.2.0”

just to reiterate, the update procedure was completely revised in this first update. next time will be much less confusing, i apologize.


just ran the steps using PuTTy on windows and everything went smoothly, i’m back up and running, thanks tehn!


okay i just THINK i did it correctly
did a fresh USB
the update was VERY quick

what is the proper way to “reboot” ?
Little button on back?


Nope. Sleep then awake.


I’m good – too long in Organelle pull the power reboot


i am notorius for bricking stuff
i bricked my first 10 speed


Thanks! I made the same mistake of shutting down via the back button after updating (maybe that’s worth mentioning in the docs?) and just successfully did the update with putty on win10 with these instructions.



download and see the full changelog


  • tons of tiny fixes and improvements
  • a bunch of new contributed scripts and engines!
  • midi cc mapping within the PARAMETERS page


  • enter PARAMETERS page
  • use ENC2 to scroll position
  • use ENC3 to toggle midi-cc mapping to on
  • release KEY1
  • now the param list shows cc assignments
  • use ENC3 to manually set cc’s
  • use KEY3 to toggle MIDI LEARN (tweak a value after to assign)
  • all assignments are saved/loaded per script automatically

(this info needs to get into the docs, reminder to self)

Norns: scripting
Norns: help

For today’s update…

Clicking norns 180706 downloads OK

Clicking the “DOWNLOAD” text below gets you a 404 page.



Where would you like us to report minor things like “Foulplay does not make any sound”?


Foulplay is based on Fairplay, and uses the same sc engine, so you’ll need to load samples to make sound :slight_smile: I will add this to the intro doc. You can load the samples in the Parameter menu.


Help! I installed the update, but on startup all scripts load with (error: AUDIO ENGINE)…

Is there a way I can go back to the previous version for now or a quick fix?


Can you ssh to the device? (see bleow)

if not - try grabbing the previous release here:

I had a similar problem just now (due to some prior development stuff I think) - seems like there was some old duplicate file causing an error on crone/supercollider startup.

What i did to narrow this down:

cd norns

(ctrl-C to get out of crone)

I had an error like this

ERROR: duplicate Class found: 'CroneGenEngine' 

That file had an old date and a newer version was in the abstractions directory, so I deleted the duplicate at the path shown there.

then to restart norns



after updating I can’t seem to get to maiden via the hotspot or my wifi network.

am I the only one?

edit - hooray, fixed!


Thank you! I also had a duplicate file because I had played around with development—after deleting that scripts load fine.


This is true for me as well.