Norns: updates



Trying to update norns, but i am also getting the “No updates found”. Reformatting the usb HD did not help. On the system page it does say disk free: 17M. Could that be the problem? How can I make more space on norns?


If you do “download as” it won’t unpack it and it loads just fine


I think the .tgz update file is ~40mb, so the available space left on your Norns might not be enough. I’d recommend backing up your tape recordings to your USB drive (“sync to USB”), and then connecting Norns to a WiFi network in order to delete audio files directly from Maiden.

The main Norns doc, with sections on sync/network, should be handy here.


Thanks, Cyberduck saved the day!


I just updated to the current 180707 version and am getting an AUDIO ENGINE error message. I haven’t played with any of the code yet. Does anyone have suggestions?

EDIT : oopsies…looks like this issue is discussed in the Norns help thread


Question about updates and development: if we’re already regularly doing git pulls on norns, norns-image, dust, and maiden (and building matron and maiden), is it a good idea to apply an update just by pulling/building and then running any fixup commands in the update’s (like copying the service files and re-running norns/sc/

Or would it be safer if we pushed any work to forks and ran the standard update process that erases and re-copies norns, norns-image, and maiden?


yes, you’ve got the right idea re: pulling and running fixup scripts.

no need to run the “standard” updates if you’re doing this. though we will likely do a kernel update soon and sill need to figure out how we deliver this.


Updated the unit after getting it back from you Brian. Getting the same issue described above - “NONE (error: AUDIO ENGINE)” .
Reboot, hard-reboot,
Tried syncing from USB without success it just stops the sync straight after I selected it.


some folks have reported this, due to duplication of Crone. do these steps help?


when I follow these steps in either matron or sc tab I get
“lua: attempt to call a string value
stack traceback” on every command by Matron while in the sc tab I get the message “library has not been compiled successfully” if I enter the steps described there instead.

Not sure what any of it is supposed to do as I haven’t gotten in to the norns studies yet.

I also haven’t had any luck grabbing a previous release.

update: absolutely nothing happens when I try to run the script(s) in the upper letterbox.


To clarify - you won’t be able to fix this from Maiden (i.e. matron/sc in the web browser).

You would need to SSH to the norns from a terminal. See here under “other access”.

Alternately you could use an SFTP program like Cyberduck to access the norns file directory and delete the Crone Engine file at /home/we/.local/share/SuperCollider/Extensions/dust/sc// then reboot the norns.


Okay so I followed the steps, but this time in the terminal window on a mac. I deleted the duplicates, restarted the unit. Unfortunately this didn’t fix it - instead now I get this message:

we@norns:~/norns$ ./
scsynth: no process found
we@norns:~/norns$ ./
attempting to bind socket at url ws://*:5556
compiling class library...
        Found 594 primitives.
        Compiling directory '/usr/share/SuperCollider/SCClassLibrary'
        Compiling directory '/usr/share/SuperCollider/Extensions'
        Compiling directory '/home/we/.local/share/SuperCollider/Extensions'
ERROR: Superclass 'CroneGenEngine' of class 'Engine_Gong' is not defined in any file.
ERROR: Superclass 'CroneGenEngine' of class 'Engine_Shift' is not defined in any file.
ERROR: Superclass 'CroneGenEngine' of class 'Engine_Bob' is not defined in any file.
ERROR: Class extension for nonexistent class 'HistoryGui'
     In file:'deprecated/3.9/'
ERROR: There is a discrepancy.
numClassDeps 1417   gNumClasses 2828


Try ”cd ~/norns/sc” and ”./”.


Tried this and when I reboot the unit I get
[ OK ] Stopped Dispatch Password Requests to Console Directory Watch.
Stopping Restore / save the current clock…
[ OK ] Closed Syslog Socket.
[ OK ] Stopped Load/Save Random Seed.
[ OK ] Stopped Restore / save the current clock.
[ OK ] Stopped Update UTMP about System Boot/Shutdown.
[ OK ] Stopped Raise network interfaces.
[ OK ] Stopped Network Time Synchronization.
[ OK ] Stopped Create Volatile Files and Directories.
[ OK ] Stopped Apply Kernel Variables.
[ OK ] Stopped Load Kernel Modules.
[ OK ] Stopped target Local File Systems.
Unmounting /run/user/1000…
Unmounting /boot…
[ OK ] Unmounted /boot.
[ OK ] Stopped File System Check on /dev/disk/by-partuuid/51739c87-01.
[ OK ] Removed slice system-systemd\x2dfsck.slice.
[ OK ] Unmounted /run/user/1000.
[ OK ] Reached target Unmount All Filesystems.
[ OK ] Stopped target Local File Systems (Pre).
[ OK ] Stopped Create Static Device Nodes in /dev.
[ OK ] Stopped Remount Root and Kernel File Systems.
[ OK ] Reached target Shutdown.

But nothing seem to have happened. Still “error: audio engine”


@Joakim If possible, create a issue on this in the ”monome/norns” github repo and report the output of ”” after running ””.


20 characters of done


I’ve been noticing some extraordinary new script demonstrations of late - will the team continue to include new “Staff Approved” scripts with the updates? Or do I need to become proficient in rummaging around GitHub to pick them up?

I guess this goes to the larger question of how scripts are judged to be “ready for distribution”. Thanks for your guidance.


I’ve been wondering about this as well. Has there been talk of a sort of “package” management strategy at all?

I’ve created a number of simple scripts, and while I’m not convinced they would be worth making part of an official release, they might have value for others outside of my specific use-cases.


my understanding is that if it’s in dust it will be in updates.

a bit over here…

ideas welcome!


Thanks! I had missed this in the flurry of norns threads :sweat_smile: I’ll take a read to see where we’ve landed.