Norns Vinyl Compilation

Hello fellow norns manipulators!

I was thinking about a compilation concept the other day and I wanted to present it here and gauge the interest.
I have been on a few of the compilations through the MuffWiggler forum…From Wires to Wax (double vinyl), BugBrand Tape Comp, and the From the Wires CD.

I was a bit more involved with “Wires to Wax.”
I did all the layout work and prepped all the graphics and labels for production for the vinyl.

The idea for this comp would be for norns users.
All sound and or control would be primarily generated from norns using the various scripts.
Using drum machines and other such gear is fine but the idea is for norns to be center stage.
And of course whatever DAW you might use and plugins for production are ok.
But try to use norns as the primary noiz generator.

Credits would list the artist and the norns scripts they used with their track and more info if possible.

I would like to have it pressed on silver looking vinyl to match norns as well.

Each artist will have a track time limit and need to pay for the track space on the vinyl.
Each artist will receive a bunch of copies of the finished product.

For example:
The Wires to Wax was about $450 an artist and I think I received about 25 or 30 copies of the finished record.

If you would like to see the thread for From Wires to Wax:

And a link to the CD From the Wires:

Look forward to any feedback and ideas as well.



I actually thought about this when I joined the forum. I am very intrigued, as I hope other artist here are. There is a lot of amazing talent on these forums.

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I’d be interested as well! Looking forward to what could come out of this.

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it’s been a bit quiet…
looking for at least four more norns peeps to join in.