Norns walkthrough: WIFI + maiden

a few weeks ago, @outoftunewolf, @tyleretters and I were able to sync up for a remote session to walk through maiden, the norns project manager. josh thankfully recorded it and after some editing, it seemed like it’d be helpful to share with the larger community!

time-coded sections

0:00 : connecting to WIFI
3:24 : accessing maiden through a browser
4:27 : components of maiden
4:50 : the project manager
7:50 : why won’t this script load?
8:40 : matron + sc REPLs
9:29 : loading a script through maiden
11:26 : scripting conventions
12:47 : audio + data folders
13:40 : ? menu + norns API
14:30 : using the matron REPL to query globals
16:06 : visual customization options
17:16 : file management + scripting norns with an IDE
19:40 : command-line maiden
21:28 : we love the community!

hopefully this helps reduce some of the growing pains for folks.

if you have specific questions about maiden: Norns: maiden - #146 by tyleretters
need some WIFII troubleshooting tips? see this section of the docs

if there are any other aspects of the norns ecosystem that would be easier to grok through video, please feel free to request additional topics here! :slight_smile:


Thanks very much for this…I’ve picked up a few new helpful tricks already watching it during my morning tea.