Norns Warranty/Buying Secondhand

I am waiting for grids to come back in stock to order a Norns + Grids; but an opportunity to buy a Norns secondhand has come up.

I can’t see anything on the Monome site or on this forum about the warranty length on Monome products and I was wondering how long a warranty you get with a Norns? Is it transferable when buying something secondhand like an elektron product is?

Sorry if this is common knowledge or available easily but I just can’t seem to find it!

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indeed, it’s not explicitly written anywhere. i should remedy that, but also, it’s somewhat complicated as everything is a sortof per-case basis given monome is a microscopic “company” and i deal with everything directly. here are my general guidelines:

  • if something stops working, i’ll fix it
  • if the damage is user-error, or device is old or secondhand, there will be a small repair and return shipping fee

overwhelmingly most repairs are busted connectors due to drops or mishandling, and i’m totally happy to fix these.

there’s the much more rare case that something was shipped and doesn’t fully pass QA, in which case i replace the unit right away (with apologies).

it’s incredibly rare for a known-working unit to suddenly “just break”— and i’m aware of the cases where this might be the case, ie, a batch of old norns that seem to have had some potentially defective-over-time encoders, which i then will fix.

so— when in doubt— just email and we’ll get it all taken care of.


Thank you so much for taking the time to reply; that is very informative and a very fair model to work on!

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