norns: Wifi Output

This is a newbie question. I have a Norns Shield that I am getting back into - I want to output my Audio to my wireless speakers. The speakers support both Chromecast and Airplay. I can send audio from my phone or MacBook no problem. I am wondering about the norns. I know it has the Audio Jack out - I assume it can do bluetooth. I saw something called Nymphcast that is an opensource version of Chromecast – Is there something built in that I am missing?

Hey! Check out this thread, I think it’s what you’re looking for: Using Norns as an AirPlay receiver - #7 by Nordseele

EDIT: oh I miss read, you want to transmit from norns… those steps might still help but you’ll need to install something to chrome cast… I suspect you’ll get a fair bit of latency.

Nothing built in that I’ve seen. Luckily there are tons of streaming options you can set up via ssh – unfortunately, there are tons of options to choose from ;). Would make a good mod I’d guess…