norns wifi troubleshooting

Shortly after I received my norns last week I connected it to my wifi without issue (even connected to maiden from my LT). Today however wifi shows as “unavailable”. Needless to say that wifi is available. I’ve reset norns, tried the dongle on different USB ports, and tested it successfully on my LT but on norns,no luck.

Any suggestions?

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hey hey! sorry to hear about the trouble. could you share results from step 4 and onward?:

Hey Dan. Thanks for replying so quickly and for your assistance! (Really enjoying cheat_codes BTW.)

I’ve connected the mini USB to my Windows PC and have connected to it using UART Terminal (baud 115200, bits 8, parity none, stop bits 1, flow control none) however entering nmtui does not bring up the graphical interface. Any suggestions?

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thanks so much for the kindness! :slight_smile:

ah, windows gets out of my depth – are you using PuTty and a COM port? I should also add those to the docs, apologies!

I can use putty. Let me try that. brb

Ok. I’m using putty. (Let me know if you’d like me to send you the how-to-connect steps). Using nmtui I see the wifi connection that I set up a few days ago and all of the settings look good.

Not sure what to do next. Perhaps I should delete the connection and re-add it?

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give it a go, yes – a restart afterwards might help as well.

Well no love. I deleted the connection that I had set up, reset norns, added it back again through the terminal session however the norns screen still shows wifi status as “unavailable” and trying to Add the connection from norns shows “none”.

What is also strange is that when I try to Activate the connection from the terminal session, the connection I’ve just created does not show up in the list (even though if I go Back and Edit a connection I see the one I’ve just added. (see attached image)


Ok. I solved my problem. After all of this troubleshooting I noticed that neither my grid, nor my my arcs were lit up in cheat_codes. I reset. No love. I reasoned that something had gone wrong with the entire USB bus and this would have caused my wifi issue. Pressed the reset button on the bottom, powered on and presto. Wifi, grid, arcs all working again.


oh! wild, sorry to hear about the trouble but glad it was addressable – did the K3-K2-K1combo not register?

:grimacing: I tried K1-3 but I must have pressed them in the wrong order. (I know I wasn’t supposed to use the reset button but I thought this just might be one of those moments when it was called for.)


This has happened to me once before too, and the bottom white button also fixed it for me :+1:


K1+K2+K3 combo is a soft reset of the application stack.

so is the reset command.

SLEEP is a hard (but safe) shutdown. this is what you want to try next.

(i’d actually recommend using SLEEP at the end of any norns session.)

white button is like performing SLEEP, but unsafely, may damage filesystem, and should only be used if both the menu and K1+K2+K3 are unresponsive.


Interesting. The issue repeated itself again today. Wifi, grid, and arc not working. This time I tried @zebra 's approach of sleeping the unit and no go. For kicks I also tried the K combo but that didn’t help. I also tried the reset button while the unit was asleep without luck. Finally I pressed the reset with the power on and everything came back.

To provide some background for anyone looking to debug this, I keep my unit in sleep mode when not in use. I leave the arc, grid and wifi connected and I leave norns connected to power using the supplied PSU and USB cable. I also have INs and OUTs connected.

Uhm, thats weird i am having the same issue now but with a shield version, so to my understanding no white button. Hope its ok to add here.

Wifi unavailable and when pressing add or connect it says „none“
Tried all reset methods.
It worked just fine last time i tried.

Damn no option for me since i just have cellular hotspot.
Tried usb to ios while in hotspot but did not work.
Other ways to update and use maiden then ethernet?

this sounds like an issue with the USB hub. can you e-mail ?

did it ever work? does the pi work with a “normal” non-norns install? (ie, with keyboard and monitor?)

i’ve seen dead wifis on pi3s

The green light works and flashes on the pi and yes it did work, updated to one before the latest fw, loaded apps from maiden etc. i ve no way to test the pi w/o shield, no monitor.

If there is a simple enough sideroute its not so dramatic, but i guess besides ethernet i am out of luck?

a pi is generally not useful without a monitor and keyboard, or via ethernet (though that method also requires editing some files on the sdcard if using a stock image).

you could get a cheap usb-ethernet adapter, and then it’s possible to share your computers’ internet to the norns.

or you could try another pi3, in case something is busted with the one you’re using (is it in a case?)