Northeastern Electro-Music 2017

Hey everyone.

I just wanted to bring this festival to everyone’s attention, particularly people in the Northeastern part of the United States.

It was previously called simply the Electro-Music Festival, which spawned out of the activities on the forums of Now there are three distinct festivals, one in Indianapolis, one in Asheville, and this one (the Northeastern), which takes place in Huguenot, NY. The Northeastern event was previously run by Greg Waltzer and Howard Moscovitz but they allowed me to organize it this year.

There is a lot of info at our new site:

Basically we rent out a conference building at the Greenkill YMCA camp in Huegunot and have three days of performances, workshops, and demos. There is also a gear swap where people buy and sell all kinds of cool stuff. A lot of people form collaboration groups and improvise as well as play on their own or in their own group. You can stay over all the nights at the camp or some people drive to Port Jervis (about twenty minutes) and stay in hotels. It is a really nice event, and people usually come from all over the country (and even some internationally) to attend.

We are looking for new people who would like to play, do a workshop, or do visuals. If you are interested please make a submission on the Participation page on under the Northeastern Section.

The festival will be September 8-10 this year.

Also if you have any other questions feel free to ask me. Thanks.


Wow that sounds amazing! I will put in a submission today.

Putting in a submission as well, I’ll be going to school in the northeast at that time :slight_smile:

Curious to know whether anybody who made a submission will be performing…didnt realize it was so close

There are lots of people performing! Some new people, Benjamin Mauch is one of them!

The line-up and schedule are here:


I’m very excited for this opportunity! Preparing my set now. :slight_smile: