Nose noises 🐽

After I blow my nose coming from outdoors or whatever, I often get these amazing resonant and nasal sounds as air pressures and liquid/semiliquid re-balance and re-position themselves inside my face. Are they even sounds? They seem to locate in my nasal cavity area rather than my ear, but however I hear them rather than smell them… or well… an area of blurred boundaries between the categories of sensory phenomena.

These sounds are really private and intimate and couldn’t ever be recorded. My plan is trying to reproduce similar sounds synthetically, but it’s different because they would be heard with ears over air, rather than through the nose. I am always hoping I get them, and they spark joy in me. I am a beautiful synthesizer :control_knobs:

Anyone else sharing this delight?


As icky as it is yes , but you might be able to reproduce this sound with a plunger and a viscous liquid id probably go the concrete way vs synthesis. or even thinking about it , those kids toys with goo you stick your fingers into , with a pressurised release

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That sounds like an Eurorack module design concept, actually… :wink: Who comes up with the best name and script for an Indiegogo pitch video?

Going musique concrète makes sense¹.

¹ “makes sense” literally.


Going musique concrète makes sense¹.

These aren’t just field recordings , these are Marks and Spencers field recordings

¹ “makes sense” literally.

Module: Great Green Arkleseizure , It would hit top snoot.


The winter is a best season time for this – I just had an absolutely incredible melody synthesized in my nasal cavities after blowing my nose. While listening to a podcast about H.P. Lovecraft. Aaaah the bliss!

I am the synthesizer!

(And you can be too)


Quiet. Do you hear that? Air pockets in fluids, balancing out in the back of my neck.


One time my wife was taking a video of our puppy playing while I was sitting at the chair working. I was unaware she was filming and farted. It started at a low frequency and swooped up a perfect octave. It was astounding. We laughed about it for a couple weeks.


Referencing my previous post regarding the sounds of fluids(?) in the back of my neck:

The artist Daphni (Caribou/Four Tet collab) has captured something similar to this sensation in the song Light.

It occurs after about a minute in and happens multiple times throughout the song. I swear I can physically feel it in my spine or neck and it always freaks me right out in the very best of ways!

Sidenote: With the way that ears function… they may be considered audio synthesizers. In what ways are we video synthesizers as well? :slight_smile: