Not seeing the "subtle dimming of the triggers in the top-row" ? ( grayscale 128 )

Hey Guys,

I’m trying to figure out the “Gate Mode” from While Whale and i noticed on the manual it says “The only indication of this mode on the grid is a subtle dimming of the triggers in the top-row, so you may need to inspect the module’s panel to confirm your mode.”

As far as i understood i have to hold ALT ( x: 16 y: 0 ) and then press one of the first four buttons ( x: [1,2,3,4] y: 0 ) but i can’t see any difference in the lighting!

I’m using a monome grayscale 128, does that make a difference on the “dimming light” ? maybe i’m running an old version of the firmware?

The grey scales are either on or off. No vari-led.

sad story, i wish i knew that before :frowning:

For the most part, it’s not that bad. Most features are easy enough to use. I rock a greyscale.

yes i was reading about in the other thread and some people were saying the “feeling” changes pretty much !

i’m loving the grayscale to be honest, it’s so solid and “heavy” ! i didn’t even bother to test my earthsea yet because just the white whale is being ridiculously phun