“NOT TAPE,” my humble offering for bandcamp fridays, enjoy!

hey all!

i wanted to contribute something to Bandcamp Fridays, so here’s my humble offering, “NOT TAPE.”

lotsa lotsa norns, teletype, whimsical raps, ciat lonbarde and drum machines and old samplers. rly hope you guys like it! i’ve been working so hard.

“cheat codes” dedicated to the amazing @dan_derks

big thanks 2
@kcikdrumk @glia @marcus_fischer @Galapagoose @tehn @Justmat @zebra @Allieway_Audio and all you wonderful people who have given us such amazing tools to work with and this supportive community!!!

you’ve all been the biggest inspiration to me. :two_hearts:


just checked out with other stuff and did not need anything else
or so i thought… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

congrats on the release!
i’ll check it out


haha hope i didn’t induce any GAS during the pandemic! :rofl:


This is really interesting and unique stuff, for me. I’m new to Norns and making synthesized music. In the past I’ve had some experience singing and playing old-time banjo (neither professionally), and now I’m trying to find my new musical passion without being subject to any constraints besides my own.

I really like this and while the music I’m making on my YouTube channel (my kind of audio vlog) tends to go so long because I’m having fun and just getting into the ‘zone’, I really love how short some of your tracks are on this. It’s not only pleasing to listen to, but evolves quickly over the full set ot tracks. Sometimes leaving me wanting more. That has always worked with dates, and it works here too.

Cheers and great work!


@slim_pkns haha!!! thanks for listening!!!

i did beat tapes for so long that my modular/norns stuff was rly hard to get “a real song” out of w/ my ADHD style/brain. i also feel like short sketches are something not a lot of people do, but they’re so fun and freeing. also, i suck at bridges lol!!!


I also did my BCF shopping this morning then I saw your post and got to track 4 before making one last purchase today. :slight_smile: It sounds amazing and I’m looking forward to listening all the way through. Really nice work and thanks for sharing with us!


had to get it
rare gems


yeah this is bonkers good – really playful, energetic, focused, expansive world-exploring. thank you for sharing these captures!! (+ the insanely humbling tribute to cc :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )


i’m so happy you guys are feeling it, really thanks for listening!!!

so much good stuff coming out on bandcamp fridays, i swear!!!



Instabuy- congratulations!


listening to roof right now and it’s such a nice slice of spontaneous captured joy

and coco puff


@glia thats the most recent track on the album yay!

thanks so much for listening :pray:t3:


beautiful work on all the beats
really diggin the skits and segway quotes too


yeah coco puff is my jam. i love how bouncy and playful this record is and the samples are gold.


@fourhoarder @glia that’s rad you like that track, bc it’s done unlike the other ones on the album.

since we’re all just overgrown nerds up in here, i’ll break down how i did it, since there’s actually an insta of the beginnings of it. it was my first go at the roland tb03… but i hooked it up through the cocoquantus and captured a couple stereo runs of the 03 in coco’s left and right buffers.

then, you lock the buffers with the black buttons. this is where the fun begins. coco has 4 dolby NR switches, where you can filter the (2)inputs or (2)outputs to your liking. it took me years to understand practical applications of this, stupidly, bc documentation on ciat lonbarde before places like patch point wrote manuals was…esoteric scroll hunting through peter’s website(s).

but, once buffers are locked, you won’t lose the loops coco has, but also the dolby switches on the two stereo outputs can be switched to “down” position where now the new tb03 patterns coming in will side chain the old ones in the buffer (non destructively) like an sp303’s vinylsim effect on a quiet synth next to loud drums, you get hella pumping, which can be heard in the track.

at this point i had actually taken an instagram video of where i was, you hear the side chaining coming slowly:


from there, i just looped what worked in ableton and wrote drums to it. lots of drum buss and glue compressors as per usual :slight_smile:

anyways, thanks so much for peeping my stuff, everyone. we all just make it for ourselves at this point, unless your live streaming (which god i need to do more of), but when the audience comes together with the many hours we spend alone, it’s quite a magical experience. so thanks for having it with me!

also thanks for reading my nerd ramble lol.


This is so very good


haha thanks so much!
working hard on more now!