Nótt - norns&mlr-inspired standalone looper

After Building Monome clone in 2017/2018 I wanted to experiment with making it standalone, and this coincided with Norns coming out. I already had some experience with Pi-based loopers: https://szymonkaliski.com/projects/loop-pi/

I bought some new Neotrellis boards from Adafruit (RGB and varbright!), and started messing around with Chuck and Python to get going. I’m happy to say I have 6-loop based thing heavily inspired by MLR, but with additional “granular looping” mode, and I’m also looking into implementing FFT slowdown mode. It’s fully standalone and runs on recent Pi, with Blokas Pisound for audio.

Here’s a shake’y video preview:

I plan to work on a case next, and will publish one of my “making of” articles in a month or so (also open sourcing the code) - here’s older one on building a monome clone - https://szymonkaliski.com/log/2018-01-28-diy-monome/


It’s here!


this is awesome keep up the good work!

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This is lovely! I’ve also just finished a standalone MLR inspired looper. It’s on a much smaller scale though. Just 8 buttons, in a eurorack module.

I’ve written a bit about it here http://www.cutlasses.co.uk/tech/looper-version-1-complete/