Novation Circuit

Anyone on here use/abuse the circuit.

I replaced my op1 with one and i absolutely looooove it.

Quick Q. I want to use it to send midi clock to my arturia Keystep which I will use to control Moog Werkstatt or Roland System 1m. I think it’s possible, but manuals are a bit vague. Anyone know how?


Oooh tell us more. What do you miss? What’s better? What are you fine to do without?

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As mentioned on another thread, i didn’t really get on with the OP1. I didn’t get the tape and I found many the synths rather “thin”.

My brain works well with grids! So the sequencing on circuit is a breeze. The synths sound fantastic, and with the izotonik editor it’s really simple to create own patches. Sample import is easy through the circuit components website, but requires Facebook or Google login - not ideal for some, but i don’t really have a problem with it.

I like having option to write ideas within set scales or have a chromatic keyboard when required.

All in all i have been waaay more productive in the last week that. In many many months with the op1.


Just found full manual, seems that the midi notes can be exported to ableton as well, bonus!

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Oo. The circuit components software is now available for offline use!


i have one and with the isotonik patch morpher/rando i love the thing


Looks like novation has removed the Circuit TouchOSC template from their website.
Does anyone know where to find it?

I like my circuit although I don’t trust components to stick around. Might end up building my own alternative tool for managing samples/presets on that thing.

There is an unofficial iPad app that might be helpful. And I’m sure there was an alternative (paid for) editor on pc but I can’t remember who published it.