Novel Vocal Processing

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I was thinking that as well :slight_smile:

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thanks :slight_smile: this place is cool
humble thoughts…a possible workaround
and/or coding strategy
three tracks - 1 original vocal 2 vocal filtered for vowels 3 vocal filtered for constants
apply effects, mix

another idea…
aalto, parc music
monolase vocals
(credits and thanks
@randy @tehn @Rodrigo)


transient_splitter.maxpat (5.6 KB)

I realize this is an old thread, but just wanted to add an easy way to separate transients from steady tones using a zero-crossing counter. Here is a simple max patch using zerox~ to control a gate~ which sends steady tones out the left outlet and transients out the right.


@tehn: > particularly i’m looking to split vowel and consonant sounds within one recording
How far did you get with this very interesting idea?

@tehn this might be of interest for you:

I’m sure there’s something in the zsa.descriptors Max package to do this. Perhaps zsa.kurtosis~. They run at signal rate too, but I expect some look ahead is needed to smooth the separation.


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