Novel way to play mp3's?

hello all! i’m looking for a unique way to play mp3 files or similar for a theatrical stage production. thought i’d ask here in case anyone has encountered something more fun than a laptop or ipod/iphone… maybe a children’s toy which plays files? a teddy bear with an aux out?? in general i just need to skip through a playlist which could be pre-determined so anything with a next track button would work great, it doesn’t need to have a screen. of course i could build something, stick an ipod inside a fake fish or something. but looking for anything anyone might have run across in the past few years?



It would be remiss not to mention soundwave…


omg!!! thank you so much, that’s absolutely perfect!!! exactly what i was looking for and didn’t know it.

what??? absolutely amazing!!! i’m actually speechless about that toothbrush but thank you for posting it!

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