November 20, Deventer (NL) | Square Wave - modular synth improv performances

SQUARE WAVE edition #13 - In a music club with a view over the most beautiful square in the Netherlands, man and machine will go head to head with each other.

The room will be filled with modular synthesizers, pedals, button boxes, noise boxes and especially cables… a lot of cables. By lottery draw the 8 participants will be paired in random duo’s. And then…each duo will be assigned a tempo and improvise for 10 minutes. Live compositions of sound, noise and possibly music emerge. One duo after the other. Expect an afternoon of exciting, varied and surprising performances.

So in a wonderful environment, with the bar within reach, you can enjoy live music performances with that exciting improv twist. You come face to face with the wonderful instruments and the musicians who play them. Top ingredients for a great Sunday afternoon! Oh yes, and the entrance is free by the way.

To give you an idea, here’s a 10-track compilation we made of the first 9 editions:

Images of recent editions can be found at our Insta page:


We had a lot of fun.