Nsynth Super


Potentially very interesting.
An open hardware DIY controller for the Nsynth neural synth.

Puredata! (thread)

I’m planning on building one out (albeit rather slowly - as time permits). I’ll update this thread as I start to make progress, get blocked, create noise, etc. (via https://nsynthsuper.withgoogle.com and https://github.com/googlecreativelab/open-nsynth-super)


This looks like a nice way to interpolate between models. I want to see better (more artist friendly) interfaces for training models.


me too! if you’re in the bay area we could team up.


I’m on the other side of the country, unfortunately. New England’s west coast, Burlington, VT. I plan to order parts this weekend - I’ll let you know what I find.


Can you please also share how much the parts did cost you? And where you got them? Thx!


The Nsynth Super is just a Rasberry Pi wave player playing prepared files. The real magic is in using a Linux server with TensorFlow to bake out the wave files which morph between your input sounds. That is not possible (yet!) in real time on a RPi. Has anyone played around with the software to make their own sounds yet?


Pretty sure it’s not going to be realtime anytime soon. TensorFlow is sometimes called TensorSlow for a reason.


I priced the PCB at OSHPark, it looked like $198 for 3 boards, and the drill-pattern slots probably need to be redrawn. Curious if you can do better. (Also, hello Burlington! In Boston, but spend a lot of time in VT.)


It’s disappointing that the open-source version doesn’t have the same graphical touchscreen as the demo videos. That would be a fun platform to build on. An off-the-shelf touchscreen probably wouldn’t increase the cost or complexity too much, but I suspect they wanted to publish a design that could be built and extended for a while without needing to be adapted to whatever inexpensive touchscreen was available that week.

I’m still strongly considering building one! And maybe adding some CV or i2c inputs.


I am on this coast too jeffrey-- we should congress at some point


I sent away for a few quotes - I’ll be get back to you with pricing shortly. If a number of us on this thread are planning on building, maybe we cast our lots together to cut down on costs? In addition to the PCB, even some of the components (like the USB socket) require minimum order numbers. Raise your hand if you are interested in getting in on group/shared orders and I’ll investigate how our combined efforts might work out.


$20 PCBs on Tindie: https://www.tindie.com/products/squarofumi/nsynth-super-pcb-googles-ml-synthesizer/

I’d be up for a group buy!


Great find! With this pricing - I don’t think we’ll need a group buy. This website also had a link to all the discrete and SMD components for ca. $36. I just ordered the board and all the parts. I’ll send pics (if anyone cares) as soon as I receive it all.


would you have a link to purchase all the components?


Here is where I purchased everything and rough costs (no shipping, tax, etc.):

Hope this helps!


Tindie is also now selling semi-assembled boards for $60: https://www.tindie.com/products/squarofumi/nsynth-super-semi-assembled-googles-ml-synth/


Is anyone keen for a eurorack friendly respin of this synth?