NTS-1 Resources

Wanted a thread to collect all of the cool things I keep finding about Korg’s tiny customizable microsynth the NTS-1.

Some libraries of oscillators, filters, delays:

Some fun effects: GitHub - dukesrg/logue-fx: Custom effects for Korg logue-sdk compatible synths. Contains reusable header to create unified code for any FX type.

Some oscillators inspired by Mutable Instruments and a Modal Resonator based on Elements: GitHub - peterall/eurorack-prologue: Eurorack Oscillators for Korg prologue, minilogue xd and Nu:tekt NTS-1

Juno-60 chorus emulation: GitHub - peterall/junologue-chorus: Juno-60 chorus emulation for Korg Prologue, Minilogue XD and Nu:tekt NTS-1

Port of the Clouds Reverb: GitHub - peterall/cloudlogue-reverb: Port of the Clouds Reverb to Prologue, Minilogue XD and Nu:tekt NTS-1

Some good filters and effects. (Smoke, from the roll-log free pack, is particularly great) Roll-log Sounds

This neat NTS-1 companion app for the norns: NTS-1 companion (wow early sucky version)


Here’s a way to control the arpeggiator via a web browser! https://schollz.github.io/carp (from @infinitedigits)


Eagerly following now that a used one is en route.


in addition to carp, i’ll tag on my repo with some simple effects i made: GitHub - schollz/logue: A collection of Korg logue patches for the NTS-1 (or possibly minilogue XD)

maybe most useful is that i spent some time streamlining the nts-1 build workflow. that repo has a script that basically docker-ized the whole workflow to make it really easy to build and upload and iterate when you write scripts. there are a couple of forked scripts in there too.


Big fan of my NTS-1, and great to have this stuff gathered together, as you have to do some digging to find some of it. I like a lot of the Hammond Eggs FX in particular.


Ooh, this is also exciting to me with a Minilogue xd en route! I actually hadn’t seen a few of these before.

Also worth noting that Korg maintains an official list of ‘logue SDK oscillators and FX, though they’ve stated themselves that it’s non-exhaustive, and I’ve found some good little toys outside of it.

EDIT: Just now realized the link copy+pasted weird (and fixed it).


I would include the NTS-1 MIDI implementation chart.

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Ah, great thread. Mrs Oath gifted me one for my birthday, but I haven’t played with it yet.

Awesome! Thanks! :boom: :boom:

Got a question >>
I’ve been downloading and searching all the folders for .ntkdigunit, .mnlgxdunit or .prlgunit files… didn’t find any…

Are these FX/OSC usable in NTS-1? :thinking: :thinking: OR am I missing something???

Cheers :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy:

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For the GitHub links, go to the right side of the page and look for Releases, from there you can click the version number and it should give you a zip download.


So it depends on the specific plugin, but generally you’ll need to do one of two things with ‘logue SDK OSCs and FX released on GitHub:

  1. Check the “releases” page for a compiled file, or ZIP of compiled files, to download.
  2. Compile it yourself - repos will sometimes have instructions for this, like schollz’s repo, or you’ll need to follow the official ‘logue SDK installation and compilation instructions.

Mine is due in about a week. Been reading up and watching videos. I like that the density of the manual (in PDF form) resembles the sort of thing that comes folded up with a Timex watch (minus the construction instructions, of course).


Would it make sense to have this post as a wiki (an editable page), or maybe @ryanruppe you prefer to curate it? Or just keep it a flow of comments in forum style, as it is now.

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For Mac-using newcomers to the NTS-1, I feel like it’s my civic duty to let you know that adding custom Logue-SDK scripts to the device via the Korg librarian software can be an absolute pain in the ass, especially if you are using Catalina or BigSur. After hours of trial and error, I was finally able to get them to communicate by using a Micro-USB to USB-C cord (no dongle) directly to my MacBook Pro, and by running the NTS-1 librarian software while in Windows via BootCamp. I am not a programmer so I am sure there must be an easier way but scouring the internet for solutions didn’t work for me, trial and error got me to the finish line and I love this device!

I don’t have one yet, but high on the list, so will follow with great interest!


please forgive what I’m assuming is a MIDI noob question. but how do I connect my Norns to/through the NTS-1?

I saw docs that say the NTS-1 can have midi in, but its not clear if I need an adapter/cable or other hardware, or if Norns USB out to NTS-1 USB in will work.


Connecting the USB cable from the NTS-1 to the norns gives you both power and midi.

The NTS will then be selectable in the midi devices list on your norns.

By default it will be set to receive midi on channel 1.

This post explains how to change the midi channel.


thank you so much @edrapley! that was the info I needed!

for others tweaking around, 3 other key things:

  1. MIDI USB port 1 is the lower left on the Norns
  2. depending on how you have your Norns set or the script, you may need to go into into the parameters to set the output to be midi or audio + midi for it to actually output to the NTS-1
  3. you may also need to go into system > devices > midi and set it to NTS-1 digital kit

is there a po style silicone case out there for nts-1?

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Tempted by several of the Sinevibes devices, but as they cost and theres quite a lot of them, does anyone who already has some want to give a wee rundown of which ones are worth the splash?

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