Nudges: A community project, born from a series of monthly challenges.

Nudges is a monthly musical effort started by Scott Harper from his Knobs Patreon page. Every month there’s a new challenge to compose a musical piece with certain rules/limits/boundaries which promotes and enhances creativity and community.

All financial support goes to charity

The first one was called Synthesized loops and, as the name implies, it was using a looper to made a musical piece that sounded fluid and natural

The second one´s called Using it Wrong. It was about using an instrument in an unconventional way to create a short or long audio track.

There´s lots of good material there and the discord channel (Accesed as a patreon subscriber) is very friendly and chatty.


This sounds like a really interesting project - added to my listening list! The IG post a few days ago had some fantastic sound-examples!

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Thanks so much for sharing this! This is such a great idea! And the whole charity aspect is just icing on this tasty musical cake, haha.

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Thanks for sharing here! It’s cool seeing crossover on different online communities.

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If anyone liked the project, i think bandcamp friday its a good day to get it :slight_smile:

Nudge 3: Create a piece that involves confronting a weakness

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