Numeric Keypad for Teletype - which ones work?

I recently bought a number keypad to trigger scenes from Teletype the one I bought 9pictured below) is having no effect on the TT.

I’m wondering if there is there a specific type I should be looking for? Have other had success in this?


I am curious about this as well.
Could be cool for simple script triggers.

I do vaguely recall this being discussed in the past, and, if memory serves me right: there was no good solution…?

Hope to be wrong.

Working fine over here - generic usb keypad:

Found the order (from 8 years ago!) in my email. Maker is “teclado”??

What does it do - triggering a script with hitting a key? That would be nice!

1.1 addendum / new keys

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Great - Thank you! It seems that I missed that part.

Hmm - maybe I need an absolutely standard one - thanks for posting the pic @shellfritsch

make sure there are no extra usb peripherals on it, nothing fancy. ie usb hub.

this cheap wireless num pad works like a charm.

I remember when testing the first time some months ago, my experience was rather flakey. sometimes it would work and next time not.

I was very happy today to find out that I couldn’t make it to not work with several attempts.
(maybe tehns usb code refactoring some time ago for better pen drive support did fix it?)


Oh, awesome! So a wireless connection works just fine!?

Do you have an exact model/link to this?

this one is from a german company, not sure about availability in the us.

(edit: pretty sure they just put their logo on it, as I’m seing other brands and noname products on ebay that look identical…)

but I imagine it could work with any same spec’d? would be nice if someone had another model to test…

Been loving using a numeric keypad (similar to the one @shellfritsch posted above) with TT, but am hitting a bit of a roadblock re mutes. My current solution is to map a ‘muting script’ to a slider scaled 1 - 4 (the four tracks I’m muting / unmuting to play this piece).

Is there a way for me to alter my TT firmware so that it responds to holding num lock similarly to the way it currently responds to holding cmd/ctrl (my keypad has a numlock function), or else is there a way to hack into this keypad and reprogram the num lock key to act as a ctrl/cmd key? The form factor of this switch from the full keyboard is incredible and I’m really looking to extend / streamline its functionality!


your post reminds me - i’ve been wanting to build a custom keypad for TT that would have extra macro buttons…

some quick searches have returned quite a few “programmable” numpads… might have to try one of those out :slight_smile:

Yeah – I realize one of those, or just finding a numpad with a Ctrl is the simpler option, but there’s something about these kinda crappy ‘softkey’ pads that feels so, so good.

Thanks for hitting me back! Necroing threads round here is a risky business :vulcan_salute: