(NY) computing with the dead

kelli and i have a performance this friday the 11th at colgate university in upstate NY, part of a greater series put together by machineproject.

Moonlit sounds conjuring spirits. Binary digits calling on John Vincent Atanasoff. Sun, earth and moon forming a right angle. Relaying messages of gratitude. Solving long lost equations of musical destinies.

will include an electric object commissioned by jay gilligan. we will document this.




if you don’t know john atanasoff, this is required viewing:



such a great video! really shows the importance of communicating your inventions.

Hey, there is a video about the performance?

there was indeed some fancy video equipment on hand-- i’ll try to track down footage when the university gets it online!

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hahaha great! I would like to see it!

here’s a random edit that the university put together.


lovely voices, looks like it was a great event!

thanks for the kind words. not seen in the video is a serious modular improv and some highly manipulated synth. kelli recorded the final song recently:


Thanks for sharing! You both should really explore the duet avenue more. Great use of reverb and very psychedelic to my ears (for lack of a better term). Would have loved to hear that modular improv-too bad.

The lights are really beautiful too.

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