NYC Event Hub Thread!

Hey all! Just thought it would be nice to have a thread for NYC shows, events, meetups, etc!


Going to this event called Confetti Machine Festival on Friday, looks like a lot of interesting performers and multimedia art pieces

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Oh nice! My friends Ariadne are playing day one of that and they’re fantastic live.

Sadly I don’t think I can make it :frowning:


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Seeing Suzanne Ciani at Ambient Church on Saturday!


@mdg is playing Confetti Machine on Sunday!

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Thanks for doing this! I’ve been super bad at keeping up with the local happenings, especially in the lines community :slight_smile: Hope to see you all around!


oh man im on the same vibe - trying to keep up, and see what everyone here is excited about in the city. ((and thanks for the nod @wheelersounds ))!

oh dang @inaglasshouse wish i saw yr post earlier, would have said hi!

@rbxbx can confirm: holy fawk Ariadne was great!

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These are great!!

The annual stompbox/synth expo is this Saturday/Sunday at Absurd Conclave in Brooklyn!

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Also Moog is throwing an event on the roof of Elsewhere tonight!


Thanks for starting this thread! I’ve found it strangely hard to keep up with/find synth type events in NYC. Now that I think about it, that’s true with other music communities that I’m interested in too. Anyone know of other (than this thread) NYC synthy type event resources to follow (email lists, online calendars, etc.)? I think the only related list I’m on is from Control.

I help co-host a monthly experimental music open mic called Strange Stage. The main hub is on Facbook You can also find information at and sign up for our mailing list.

The next even is posted on Facebook and the site and is happening on June 22nd.


Hello all

I’ll be in NYC for the month of July and want to see some interesting shows. Any suggestions?


@jwm and I are playing at H0L0 on Saturday, 7/14 w/ Ian Epps and Long Distance Poison

FB event:


Super last minute, but I’m playing tonight in Bushwick (Brooklyn) with some cool folks. Gonna be noisey and weird. First time gigging out with the norns. Praying for stability!

(ps: I’m pretty rusty performance wise… don’t judge too harshly :p)


I’ll be out on Long Island for two weeks with my family visiting my family.
July 6 ~ 19.
Will probably come into NYC for a day or two, but no plans made.
Anything electro/musical going on?
Anyone want to meet for coffee / beer / listening / playing / noise making?
@mdg - @healthylives - @rbxbx … anyone else?


Up for something for sure! 7/11 - 7/18 would be ideal. I’ll dig around to see something musically interesting we might get into.

Noise making would be extra fun.

@mdg what’s up with harvest works? could we grab some space there?

I’m around and would be down for hangs of some sort. Not sure of any events going on then yet, but I’ll keep my ears down! @altoaiello was organizing things in Williamsburg for a minute iirc, perhaps those are still going on?

I’ve made it to Long Island. The weather is nice… I could make it into Brooklyn for an evening… @healthylives - did you dig up anything? Dinner? Coffee? Beer? All arrive at a bookstore, and play impromptu live sets in the corner?