NYC Event Hub Thread!

so here’s a thing on Saturday in BK – Josh Mason / Shedding tour

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Looking into it! Sometimes muchmores has an open mic / experimental night.

Otherwise NYC liners should at least grab a beer. Maybe Thurs? @mdg you alive/around?

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Tonight! A crazy line up at LPR in the village, featuring Buck 65, B Dolan, Sole, Lady Lamb, and so many more. Tribute/benefit for the late Alias. Come hang and celebrate his life with us!

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I’m reaching out about maybe doing a little improv experimental thing at Mirror in the Woods in Gowanus. Will keep y’all posted.


So I was chatting with one of the kind souls at Control on the phone today and came to understand that a few key venues for experimental music have closed up recently. The word is that The Glove and Secret Project Robot are likely good bets at present.

I live in the far north of NY state and would really like to get my experimental quartet down to the city this autumn. As the Boston thread has been very helpful getting us out that way, I thought I would put the call out here. Any thoughts/potential help greatly appreciated!

Thanks Lines!


Damn, that’s unfortunate to hear Claude. Did they mention which places have closed down?

Let us know if you make it down, the track you posted is great!

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Hey gang! playing a show at our wicked lady in Bushwick tomorrow! Not sure of set time but thinking around when the sun sets or right after.


New to NYC and looking to help setup or be thrown on an experimental show/s! Or if anyone knows of any good shows coming up to attend. I’m still scoping out what all the good venues here for experimental music are.


O my goodness, I missed your post entirely! Unfortunately enough time has passed that I can’t recollect. Thanks for your kind words! Haven’t attempted to book anything in NYC yet, being a bit cautious with winter coming…playing Lowell and Boston, MA, the weekend after Thanksgiving. Will totally post here when we make it down your way, only a matter of time :slight_smile:

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Control has a second space next to the shop! The “pennies from heaven” series they host happens about once a month!!!


Oh yeah, I get the Pennies From Heaven emails. I need to go to one, haven’t been yet!

Not sure if this is the right thread for this. But I will be in Brooklyn between the 26th and the 30th of December and would LOVE to play a show when i am there. So I thought i would ask here and see if anyone knows of something that might work.


1 Like for nyc lines homies that are also about that black metal \m//


Hi everyone,

I’m really happy to have found this community. I was introduced through norns, and have found such a wealth of knowledge, and helpful people. I’m don’t know the exact demographics of this site, but I can imagine some of you live in or spend much time in NYC.

I’ll be visiting for the first time from Jan 1-8, and wanted to know what places you enjoy or frequent. It could be anything. It could be your favorite coffee shop, music venue, museum, or even place to sit and think. If you’ve got an upcoming event, or would care to show me around, It’d be great to meet some of you!

Control, Human Head Records, A1 Records, Bunna Cafe, Museum of the Moving Image, Hayden Planetarium, Strand Bookstore.

Elsewhere, Bossa Nova Civic Club, Jupiter Disco, and Nowadays. I have an ambient night the first Thursday of each month at Nowadays, including 1/3.


Glad I came across this post! I live in Ridgewood but haven’t been to nowadays in a while, will have to stop by to check out your set sometime

I’m sure there’s lots of cool stuff that the young people are doing. I’m an old dad but I’ve been here for 38 years so these come to mind as old standbys:

Sit/Stand/Walk, think:
Free ride on the Staten Island Ferry
Rose Reading Room at the main branch of the NY Public Library
The Cloisters / Fort Tryon Park
The New York Earth Room
Grand Central Terminal Main Concourse
St John’s the Divine Cathedral
Columbia Campus
Frank Lloyd Wright Room at the Met
Brooklyn Bridge Park
The Piers in Riverside Park
Privately Owned Public Spaces ( (I dislike that these exist but since they do, wish more NYers would take advantage of them)

Commend Records
Cafe Usagi

Culture and Other:
Harvestworks (maybe reach out to @mdg)
The Noguchi Museum
Choplet Ceramics in Williamsburg
The Morgan Library
Barge Music
National Sawdust

Live Experimental Music
Mirror Tea House
Issue Project Room
Pioneer Works
Hmm I would like to grow this list!

I’d also love to know more about the ambient night at Nowadays, @izzy!


@tyler keep me posted, I would venture out for a musical thing / a drink one evening if you find something good!

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Here’s a few more for the list:
The Stone
Downtown Music Gallery


The next Strange Stage is happening Friday February 8th at 6:30pm. Get out early to come see some weird music.
Featuring sets by:

David Shane Smith
Sam GO
Anders Nils