NYC Event Hub Thread!


Not sure if this is exactly the right place to mention this but William Basinski tickets are up for sale via Ambient Church in case anyone wasn’t already aware!



Glad that I found this thread, I play and see a lot of music in NYC, but am always looking for new venues. Anyone know anyplace with live coding events… music and visuals.
Also are any of you architects? Looking for some musician/architects for a series I’d like to curate on specific live coding music and visuals.



Looking forward to this! Should be a fun night.



Did anyone get Aphex Twin tickets? I somehow did and I’m losing my mind with excitement. And now this was just announced on the same night:

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There’s a live-coding related later this month:

Also, the local group Live Code NYC generally puts on events every few months or so. They also have meetings every couple of weeks so contact them if you want to be put on their email list.



Are you looking for system architects or architect architects?



A couple Manfred Werder shows coming up too right? Not super tuned in since I don’t live there, but he’s doing something at Control and something at Ben Owen’s studio space. If I lived in NY, I’d definitely be checking those out.

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Cool man! Introduce yourself. I’ll be the kind of big guy dimming the lights! :grinning:



Architect architects… I’m an Architecture professor in NYC and I’m working on a symposium.



Well… Actual architect in NYC here (run a little firm that specializes in zoning matters). Don’t release much of what I make, but maybe I can be of use…

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Eli Keszler will be playing murmrr ballroom on march 16th - i CANNOT recommend him enough, he is incredible live and Stadium is one of the best records of the past few years.




Thanks for posting. I’ve been down with the flu, so away from things for a week. I teach at NYIT and am thinking about trying to put together a symposium of sorts… Architects involved in electronic music and digital image manipulation. There is an annual event for Architects Band Together that’s strictly for music pursuits. I’m just poking around at this, and will see what comes up.



Thank you for the rec, I checked that record and it’s so incredible!! Really sad I’m tied up that night but I’m going to pick this up on vinyl and keep my eye out for more shows of his.



Wow wow



Into it. So glad we have library systems worth a damn in New York.



omg totally going this weekend! Thanks for posting!



I am in NYC next week for work ( normally London here) any recommendations for music going on 12,13,14,15,- or other cool evening things. Also good bars where , if you are on your own you can sit with a paper or a novel and not feel weird. I am around Saturday 16 during the day but have a midnight flight back to UK.
I have plenty of things to do during the days as I am a museums person by career but happy to catch even more recommendations (got some good ones on the Museum thread).




Welcome! What neighborhood are you staying in?



My hotel is right by the Natural History Museum. Which my tourist map calls upper west side but obviously want to roam around and see different places…



Vijay Iyer and Craig Taborn are at Roulette in Brooklyn on the 12th to celebrate the release of their duo piano CD. Advance tickets might be advisable. I’m often wildly wrong about these things, but Taborn’s last gig at The Stone had to turn people away.

The LiveCode.NYC folks are having an Algorave event in Brooklyn on the 13th.

I don’t know the Upper West side that well, so don’t have a specific recommendation, but I think you shouldn’t have a problem finding a pretty chill bar not too far from where you’re staying.

Have a nice visit!

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