NYC - Norns workshop/hackathon/meetup - Nov 9th


When: Saturday, November 9th 12-6PM
Where: @mimetaur’s studio in Gowanus

56 2nd Ave
Studio #16
Brooklyn NY, 11215

About 2 blocks from the F/G/R trains at 9th st and 4th ave. Front door should be open, but you can always ring the buzzer or DM @mimetaur


We might get a little more formal, but for now it sounds like a mix of hacking on the norns, show-and-tell, and jamming!


probably bad timing, but I’ll be in NYC on Halloween! watching this thread for any synchronicities :slight_smile:

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This would be a great excuse for me to get norns running on RPi, and to try to get a custom supercollider engine built before/during the meetup! Love it.

some friends and I are planning to have a dumbass industrial goth party on nov 1st you’d certainly be welcome at :upside_down_face:


would love to get in on this, watching @zebra’s norns hackalong has been inspiring

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I’d love to get involved in this! I’ve been hacking on Norns for a while now. I got way steeped in it during my thesis semester in grad school. I’m happy to pair on some stuff and try and help people realize their ideas.

Plus I’ve been teaching code to undergrads and grad students this fall, so if anyone needs to brush up on the concepts I’ve got you.

Other than my class on Thursday nights I can probably swing whenever around that time.

(I can also offer up my studio space in Gowanus - it’s not huge, but it sits about 4-5 plus a few folding chairs and has audio and a projector)


Sounds like the last week of October would be a good spot for people! Perhaps that friday (Nov 1st) or that weekend?

I’ll make an event invite somewhere once we narrow it down. Or perhaps a poll with options if different dates work for folks?


Sounds like a good time! If this goes good and y’all end up doing it again and happen to wanna plan some date out farther in the future, please do so! I get up to NYC sometimes, and maybe could plan around a meetup.

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I’ve been thinking about coming down to NYC from Montreal in november! I would love to join you.


I’ll be in LA last week of Oct, first week of Nov but here after that. Will keep an eye on the thread and hopefully I can make it.

I’m in NJ but that Friday potentially may work out well for me to make the trip out that way! Will keep an eye on this thread

Here are the dates that it seem might work well, given @mimetaur’s generous offer of studio space!

If you’re interested and any of these days work for you please vote ASAP! You can vote for multiple days, so pick whichever work for you.

  • Wed, October 30th
  • Mon, November 4th
  • Wed, November 6th
  • Sat, November 9th

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I think these cover a decent range, so hopefully it extends into a time @neauoire and others who are around in Nov can make.

Of course if enough people are interested in multiple dates we could always just meet again!


Looks like we’re headed towards Saturday the 9th?

This weekend will be the first time my space is open to the public so if any weird holes emerge looks like I’ll have time to patch them up.

Excited to do some Norns-ing with you all. Anyone have a particular agenda in mind? I’m thinking hack sessions, workshops, performances, maybe an open jam…


9th is looking good for me pending scheduling at my new job that I start up on the 4th. Hopefully I know soon.

If I can attend i’m open to anything, would love to watch someone code a quick norns script up in real time explaining what their process is. I am an ultra Lua newbie so anything related to norns/lua is right up my alley.

Performances could be pretty rad as well!


i can possibly get down on the 9th as well— any idea of possible time? mid-day would be more optimal (but don’t plan on my account!)


I was definitely thinking of getting started mid-day - I’m usually down there every Saturday afternoon. Pretty much any time after 11 works for me.

hacks/jams/hangs sound good in whatever permutation they should take!

Maybe we could use @zebra’s from the norns hackalongs as a starting point? Or something completely different :slight_smile:

Count me in for Saturday!

Would love to join in on this—I just got in a parts order for the fates RPi board, hoping to have it done by then.

I was going to try this! Could you please point out to the BOM for this? Already have the RPi :slight_smile:.