NYC - Norns workshop/hackathon/meetup - Nov 9th

would love to join but seeing an artist play for more than 40 minutes makes me wanna die lol ;_;

(not an issue when listening at home but public events are hard I guess)

This is still on right? Still aiming for noonish start time?

This schedule @wheelersounds proposed works for me. I’ll open it up to to everyone at noon. See you all there!

Address again is 56 2nd Ave Studio #16 in Gowanus. You can just buzz when you get there.

It’s by the 9th street F/G/R trains. And if you’re driving know that 2nd Ave between 7th and 9th streets is blocked off because of construction.

I’ll probably arrive around 1 – @mimetaur how do you feel about food and drink in your studio? I was considering bringing some communal snacks…

left this morning at 6:30! on my way.


Snacks are totally welcome!

My studio is half workspace (that I do keep the food/drinks out of) and half “lounge” with a couch and chairs.

I’ve got a mini fridge in there stocked with some waters and beers. There’s no communal kitchen or anything in the building so it’s all very no frills.


I’m in production for Mathilda the musical and cannot make it.
Facebook live? :slight_smile: someone please document.

Drive safe Brian!

have fun everyone


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@neauoire did you make it to NYC? we are chatting about orca here…

No, I couldn’t make it down. :’(

I had some hardware prototyping done, and I ended up stuck doing back and forths with the vendor throughout most of thursday night…

I wish I was there, I hope you’re saying good things about orca!

It was so cool to meet everyone who could make it out!

I forgot one aspect of Orca, which is that if you use a lower-case operator, it doesn’t function until a bang (*) happens in an adjacent space. So:
will cause the i to advance its number when the D bangs.

Anyway, really looking forward to digging into Norns and showing some of my work at a future event!
And a HUGE thanks to @mimetaur for hosting, it was so great.


Great to meet up with everyone. Got me excited to polish up my half dozen unfinished Norns projects and share them on lines.


hi everyone, i was the person that arrived during orca and left during MLR, it was awesome, thanks so much, sorry i was there so briefly!


Gah! How did I miss this? Sounds like a great time. Happy to sponsor/host another such event at my gallery in Dumbo when the time is right!


That sounds great! Your space sounds perfect.

I’d love to do another one, like in January. it’s always fun to see what people are up to with their Norns and related tech.

I’ve got a couple new Norns/Crow projects underway now too, and a few half-baked ones I’m trying to get over the finish line and release.

It might also be fun to collaboratively hack on a particular problem or script for a while for those who have some Lua or SC experience.

I’m happy to volunteer my studio space if schedules require it. It’s a little raw (the heat was out last time!) but it seats 8-10.


Either/or. My space is less raw but not much in the way of backline. I’m just getting started on script development and would love to see what other people are up to. I’d also like to see first hand what Crows is capable of. Shall we put a poll out there to gauge interest?

Sounds good to me. I can definitely bring my Crow and modular.

I don’t have a Norns yet, but I plan to order one as soon as the DIY SMD populated boards are available. I do, however, I have a Crow and would like to see what others are up to with that and I should soon have something Crow-related to share as well. So count me as interested in a meetup. January sound goods.

20 characters of hoping this happens. :grinning:

Maybe when we do one of these we can share our progress on / play around with drone in three worlds and have a drone jam.


Just got my DIY Norns kit in the mail; will definitely have it done by the end of the weekend and can finally dig into this world! So exciting.