NYMS presents SIGNALS - First Live Stream Modular Music Fest - Sponsored by Expert Sleepers 5/23/20 4PM-1AM EST

The New York Modular Society is proud to present SIGNALS, the first live stream modular music fest on Twitch on Saturday May 23rd from 4PM to 1AM EST, sponsored by Expert Sleepers.


29 artists will perform live with their modular rig:

  • Monix
  • Riamiwo
  • Patrick O’Brien
  • Frae-Frae
  • BBoy Tech
  • Ben The Glorious Bastard
  • Todd Barton
  • Saddle Up the Robots
  • Alber
  • Trovarsi
  • Snakes of Russia
  • Ali the Architect
  • Shaun Cruda
  • Upright
  • Ludvista
  • Only Ruin
  • Sine Mountain
  • Joseph Huba
  • W.Lee
  • Dysonant
  • Jesse Juno
  • Johno Wells
  • Crew Called Self
  • Space Racer
  • Calytrix
  • The Aefonic
  • Renku Corporation
  • Earth_626

Our Discord server: https://discord.com/invite/fWkAqpJ

Feel free to ask any question.

Thank you!


Super excited to be part if this! What a line up!

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Thanks Sine Mountain!