Oakland 9/22 Mroztronium Pipsqueak Workshop + Concerto

September 22, 2019
ProArts, Oakland

Workshop: DIY Electronics: The Pipsqueak by Mroztronium
4pm - 6pm
Paypal $70 to mroztronium@gmail.com to reserve your Pipsqueak, please include your full name, and “Proarts Workshop” in paypal message, thanks!

Music: 8pm - 11pm

Shatter Pattern
Martin Freeman
Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase
Sally Decker

The Pipsqueak is a portable touch-controlled noisy synthesizer by Mroztronium. Spiritually inspired by the Cracklebox, Bugbrand Weevil and other touch-controlled electronic instruments, but using a unique circuit developed by Mroztronium that is designed for unpredictable results, wide frequency range (from sub-audio to above human hearing), sensitive touch control and stereo operation.

It features a pair of outputs that emit rectangle waves, complex pulse trains, triggers or complex noisy waveforms in the region of 0-9V depending on how it is touched. In addition to listening to the raw stereo output, you can also use it as a complex controller to gate/trigger and frequency modulate external CV/Gate equipment. It is an interesting way to spice up a modular synth patch or to turn an otherwise predictable synthesizer into a freakish improvisational instrument.

The workshop will be suitable for beginners and requires no knowledge of electronics. We’ll cover soldering too.

“My company is called MROZTRONIUM. The name is a synthesis of MROZ (Polish for “frost”, and my mother’s family name) and the ELECTRONIUM (an early advanced electronic musical composition system designed by Raymond Scott and collaborators). I design and build Synthesizers from the Frost Lands of Rochester, NY, USA.”

Based on observations of disparate corners of world-phenomena like leaf venation to discarded car parts, Shatter Pattern performs the sonic use and misuse of pattern, the formation of and deformation of ordered structures. By creating rhythmic intricacies and then unexpectedly breaking them down into dysfunctional minutia, Shatter Pattern sonically and visually extrudes worlds from signal interferences that interlope with your perception of reality and being, to reuse the shards of fragmented particles of sound as a vaporous reminder of the primacy of earth’s grounding power. Shatter Pattern is the more human-facing “dance” project of bay area electronic musician Waxy Tomb, who has performed at The Lab, SFEMF, Artists Television Access, CCRMA and more.

Multa Nox is the recording and performance project of Sally Decker, New York City-based musician and writer. “Living Pearl,” her latest release for NNA Tapes, thoughtfully explores the nexus between music and emotion, using vivid electronics as a portal of connection between the mind and the heart. Decker’s backgrounds in music, poetry, and sound art all work in conjunction to create a harmonious sonic environment where light and darkness ebb and flow throughout one another, finding a highly personal voice among the diverse lineage of ambient music.

Deadline for workshop sign-up is sept 13th!!!