Oblique: consult the deck


This is a mod that adds a random card from the Oblique Strategies deck into the params menu.

The card changes each time the script changes, and can be redrawn if you really need to.

This is both a way to try out some Lua and to put the deck more directly into my workflow. Please feel free to point out bugs and suggest improvements.


Norns running 210927



In the maiden REPL:

;install https://github.com/stvnrlly/oblique.git

As a mod, you’ll then need to do some extra stuff to enable it:

to enable a mod go to SYSTEM > MODS to see the list of installed mods. mods which are loaded will have a small dot to the left of their name. use E2 to selected an item in the list and then use E3 to enable or disable as appropriate. unloaded mods will show a + to the right their name to indicate that they will be enabled (and thus loaded) on restart. loaded mods will show a - to the right of their name indicating they will be disabled on restart.


thank you for tagging your script as a mod!
lovely idea


Great idea, and implementation.

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I love the mind’s eye vision of Lines Mods picking random Oblique Strategies cards!


I love this idea! My daughter gave me an official pack from the Eno Store for Father’s Day this year (Father’s Day is in September in the Antipodes) :grinning:


I love the idea of this, but I can’t find the cards? Oblique is appearing on the mods menu for me, but I can’t find the card anywhere in the parameters menu. I’m definitely running the latest Norns version.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Reboot Norns
  • Open Awake script
  • Go to parameters menu
  • Look around and see nothing

EDIT: I got it working! I had to go to the mods menu, twiddle E3 until a plus appeared, reboot Norns, and then load a new script. Now it’s appearing for me. May be worth adding a few extra instructions in the top post for idiots like me who aren’t so familiar with mods! :slight_smile:


Good call; I copied the instructions over from the mods example.


I’ve made a small update: the param now blends in more and is expandable/collapsible, to keep the section a little bit cleaner. You can also now redraw the card, if necessary.