Obsolete / esoteric / non-synth electronics research

Recently been trying to find interesting sources of weird electronics knowledge, circuit snippets and ideas outside of the synth/pedal scene. Inspired by people like Nonlinear Circuits who has found chaos and generators and neurone simulators etc in scientific literature and adapted them into modules. Excited about the concept that eurorack is basically just an ‘Analog Computor’ a lot of the time :slight_smile:

Going to post some stuff in this thread (better than only sharing it with 3 nazis, 2 compulsive arguers who even knowingly argue with a markov chain chatbot, 1 literal russian troll and 2.5 decent electronics people over on Noiseguide), please do share anything similar :slight_smile:

Found a good site via the manual for a vacuum tube op-amp - The manual itself i’ve found quite educational about op-amps generally (after years of electronics tinkering just finally starting to get what they even do) and the site containsa massive list of documents many of which look interesting or at least have some cool 50’s electronics catalog design with photos of giant equipment :slight_smile:

searching more modern stuff too in academic literature, eg https://www.researchgate.net/publication/318604292_Atypical_transistor-based_chaotic_oscillators_Design_realization_and_diversity

I guess NASA have a tonne of interesting stuff. So far found this 1976 compilation of general circuits https://ntrs.nasa.gov/archive/nasa/casi.ntrs.nasa.gov/19760013284.pdf

http://sci-hub.tw - good site for bypassing unfair paywalls on research that is supposed to be open to all.


https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/271147/ “A zoo of strange attractors from the canonical Chua’s circuits”

https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/4502690 “Distortion-Compensating Filter for Middle Ear of the Cat” OK now we are getting somewhere :smiley:

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/5441221 “A Preliminary Investigation of Piezoelectric Effects in Chicken Feathers” - imagining a contact mic made from feathers now




thanks for this, looks really interesting. Love the watercolour schematics too :slight_smile:

part of the appeal of the ancient info i’ve been finding on the afforementioned sites is the beautiful hand-drawn schematics in some of these documents… beats Kicad screenshots ha

I don’t spose you have the full text for those handy, have you?

I’m a huge fan of Martin Howse’s work - I heard about him initially from his ERD line of euro modules, but the rest of his research is really interesting, blurring the line between esotericism and hard science. I love things that treat technology as a divinitory tool.




Not to hand but if you paste the URLs into the aforementioned http://sci-hub.tw/ you can download the pdf, same goes for almost any unfairly non-public academic paper you might find :slight_smile:

siiiick. Break down those ridiculous barriers. College would have been so much easier if not for those bridge troll “journal” sites.


Yes same! Known Martin for some years and have his Dark Interpreter and Micro-blackdeath, great noise instruments and yes his research is really unique and interesting. His work was a major influence for our (Isn’tses) Fort Processor project


Here are a few links I have kicking around, if you don’t already have them.



link doesn’t seem to be working unfortunately!

and yeah, his research inspires me to destroy the notion of software, computers, and electronics as merely utilitarian tools - his older linux-based work (island, ptraces of death) really makes me want to explore them as divinitory tools, similar to how I view making music or art. this piece by Jay Griffiths is a good encapsulation of what I mean.

I think there’s a societal notion of some sort of mutual exclusivity between things seen as creative or “left-brain” such as art and music, and things seen as logical / utilitarian as coding, electronics, etc. Martin’s work really inspires me to try and destroy that exclusivity, and I think his approach is the way to do it.

(sorry for the short ramble, hah)

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Oh, have fixed the link now :slight_smile:

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Love bat detectors, borrowed a pre-made one years back and plugged into an amp for instant amazing harsh noise :smiley: Tried to build one from a kit a while back with not so great results, need to build one from scratch soon. Or maybe should get Evil Moisture’s Bat Detector kit

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Great thread! There could be another on acoustic noise machines and sound sculptures.

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This would interest you then:

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20 characters of Thanks!

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It seems that the effect is subtle and many attempts were made to physically time travel. However, there are dangers to this particular machine. The time coils that go around your head do not have any safety features!!

Consumertronics would be a motherlode if they actually had any schematics online vs wanting to sell you photocopies of them or breadboarded circuits for 100s of dollars :smiley: http://consumertronics.net/

Still, the unintentional poetry is great

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I want this so bad, but not $30 for a photocopied crank pamphlet bad. :frowning: SX365_BO1%2C204%2C203%2C200


Oof: http://www.klimaco.net/alien_dance/alien_dance_.htm

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Is that a brown note generator?

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