Obsolete / esoteric / non-synth electronics research


wish this place in Deptford still existed (or that I’d been around to catch any closing down sale they might have had) tho Andy Bolus told me he once went in there and they basically asked him to leave saying it was for the industry only :smiley:

pic from http://carolineld.blogspot.com/2010/09/semiconductor-archives.html because i can’t find the one I took back in the day



Hah! I’m in Albuquerque and I came across this site the other day. I would absolutely love to stop by and look around, but sadly:

We are strictly an high-tech Online Superstore - we don’t have a store like Radio Shack, Best Buy or Circuit City open to the public, nor any public display of our merchandise.

Looks like they’ll do local pickup though, wonder how much that shaves off the price of $20 to receive a flash drive with their catalog on it.


Would be worth swinging buy to see if every inch of the outside of their building is densly covered with signs singing the praises of breadboards and mind control devices :smiley:


A classic NASA soldering guide. I think there are a few, I remember one with an airbrushed diagram of wire splicing that was some accidental Escher-esque impossible figure but it doesn’t seem to be in here. Wonder if the images here are slides or movie stills? If the latter i wanna watch this boring movie:



that’s 24 with whitespaces + exclamation mark !

this one’s quite obvious and I’m aware it’s non-non-synth related, but the work of Peter Blasser of Ciat-Lonbarde, Shbobo etc. falls totally under the esoteric research approach in general:


This might be too synth for this thread, but David Tudor’s many experiments with homemade electronics are well worth checking out…

This page has a little info about the technical specifics, and even a few schematics: https://davidtudor.org/Electronics/electronics.html

Here’s a classic example of his herd of gadgets in action, this is the first iteration in his rainforest series where he’d set up a huge network of devices and improvise with them as they improvised with themselves:


I wish there were more of his schematics online, or better still a whole book of all of them


I was visiting Wesleyan about 10 years ago and a friend brought me to a storage area (which was just a closet behind one of their studios) that had suitcases filled with his electronics… I wonder if someone will publish a more technical study of the designs some day. Would be interesting! As far as I know they’re still just sitting on that closet shelf.


You Nakai has been doing the heavy lifting on researching the Tudor instrument archives, for instance: https://www.academia.edu/11117987/Hear_After_Matters_of_Life_and_Death_in_David_Tudors_Electronic_Music . There are another dozen papers or so of his on Academia.edu. I would love to get into that archive myself…

The Electronic Music Resource section of Ubuweb (http://www.ubu.com/emr/), assembled by Michael Johnsen & Matthew Wellins, has some tasty historical bits


Cooooool! Super excited to check this out, thanks!


Not sure if this matches yr request well but following UhlElectronic on Instagram:

And always intrigued by the custom mods/bent circuits work there… occasionally there is a pedal but it is mostly rewired pre-digital gear.