Ocean Compassion

Ocean Compassion

released December 25, 2021

Streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube, Deezer, etc.

Music with no verbal component, introduced and concluded with a few spoken words

Tracks 1 & 13: Recorded in a stairwell in Fukasawa, Tokyo, 2021
Tracks 2-12: Eurorack modular recordings from 2020 and 2021

Mastered by Gleb Lasarew, Nuremberg, Germany

Silence inner voice to hear

This is the actual album cover

possible 2nd shirt


Loving this, Thank You!


“voice” is so good. that bounce

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So glad you are. Thanks for your support :slight_smile:

Ha ha! Thanks!!
Chose it as the first music track in part because of that aspect.

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