Oct 20th Deventer (NL) SQUARE WAVE modular synth improv meetup

On the top floor of De Hip, overlooking the most beautiful square in the Netherlands, people and machines will go head-to-head. The room will be filled with modular synthesizers, pedals, switch boxes, noise boxes and especially cables … lots of cables. Through lottery drawing, the participants will be linked together as duos and will be assigned a tempo. Then… in turns they will improvise for ten minutes.

So in a lovely lounge environment, with a bar within reach, you can enjoy on the spot synth improvisations. Bringing a variety of atmospheres and sounds. You go face to face with the wonderful instruments and the musicians that play them live in the room. Top ingredients for a great Sunday afternoon! Oh yes, the entrance is free.

Performing synthesists:
Ronald Wijnands
Ingmar Kops
Erwin Brinkman
Goos Veltman
Danny Servaes
Rikkert Achtereekte
Casper Koomen
Gregor Beyerle
Francois ‘Shakmat Modular’ (option)

[This event was shaped by comments and suggestions on an improv concept I posted on this forum late last year. Big thanks to all Lines people who contributed to this.]

Our 5nd edition! FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/707921932964001/?ti=icl

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Here’s a little Insta impression of how it was.

Next edition December 8th: https://www.facebook.com/events/664480197409969/?ti=icl