Oct 4th: Resonant Frequencies 030

We’re back with our experimental electronic open mic event:
Live streamed collaborations between electronic musicians and video artists.

Sunday, October 4th. 2020 - 6pm to 10pm PDT
Streamed live on YouTube: https://resfreq.live/030

Music sets by:

  • Cult of One
  • Alex Barnett
  • Next Expanse
  • Actias
  • Tanuki Spider Cat
  • Prof Wane
  • All That’s Gone
  • Dylan 909
  • Fetz

Visuals by:

  • Pixelpusher
  • Kit Young
  • Alex Pelly
  • dirty Bill

As always, our uniting theme is live performance of electronics. Genres will include techno, ambient, drone, processed voice and cello, noise, analog, digital, hardware, software, and everything in between!

Resonant Frequencies has been fostering a vibrant, and growing community of live electronic artists in the S.F. Bay Area through once a month live “open mic” concerts. In the face of COVID-19 restrictions we think it is important - emotionally and symbolically - to keep the concert happening by bringing it together over the Internet.

We will be holding these quarterly now, and welcome artists from anywhere.

I’m one of the organizers and the main technical producer for the streamed events. HMU if you have any questions.

  • Mark

I’ve really enjoyed these — I went to the first live one, and skipped the other live ones (I live out in Boulder Creek, so getting up to Oakland on a work night was a trial for me.) I’ve loved that you’ve switched to an online format, and have really enjoyed watching.

How is financing things like the stream going? If there’s a need for contributions, hit me up with details in a PM. I’d be happy to throw in something — it’s definitely a “concert” for me, and as such I am more than happy to pay reasonable “concert” ticket prices to cover the coordination expenses.

Aha. Thank Kevin for announcing the PayPal account at the beginning of the show. Sent some money! Nice show so far.