A drone synthesizer to experience the sound of 1Hz difference.

octa is a drone synthesizer that lets you experience the sound of 1Hz difference. Multifunctional synthesizers are abundant in the world, but sometimes they get in the way of using the primitive features of a synthesizer, even when you only want to use the primitive features of a synthesizer. I wanted a more primitive synthesizer, so I decided to use Norns to share this idea with others. The result was octa.

There are eight simple sine wave oscillators, and you can only change the pitch or volume from the UI or PARAMETERS page.

The pitch and volume of each oscillator can also be controlled via a MIDI device or via the TouchOSC interface. Among other things, TouchOSC allows you to quickly manipulate the slider or tap a specific spot on the slider to get a percussion-like expression. I was excited about this usage.

Special thanks, the Norns studies have been very educational for me in my deep understanding of Norns. I also referred to cheat code @dan_derks for the full-scale implementation. At the time I produced this script, there was no Supercollider tutorial and I was hoping there was one and one day it was published. All the above is a great job, thank you for the excellent work, and thank you also to my friend who helped me to film the beautiful images when I exhibited octa’s work at a small event.


  • Music scale setting
  • Music scale setting by Scala file import
  • Changing oscillator waveform (sawtooth, square wave, etc.)
  • Loop playback of sample data as oscillator waveform
  • Pan settings

I am currently having difficulty with the above task and have decided to release the latest version at this time.
Pull requests are welcome, as it is taking me a long time to implement them on my own.
Also, Supercollider is written in an inefficient manner, so there is no problem to have it improved.



KEY 2 : toggle back oscillator

KEY 3 : toggle next oscillator

ENC 3 : Volume control for the selected oscillator


Sending note messages via a MIDI device can change the frequency of the oscillators.
When notes are entered at the same time, the frequency is assigned to the oscillators in order from 1 to 8.
The ninth note pressed will be ignored.


/Volume1 : Controls the volume. Specify the target oscillator by changing the number at the end from 1~8.

/cemitone : Manipulate the frequency of all oscillators toward plus and minus.

/group_a, /group_b : /group_a for oscillators 1~4, /group_b for oscillators 5~8, and you can manipulate the volume for each group.

OSC addressing can be set from PARAMETERS > EDIT > OSC Setup.


download via GitHub:

TouchOSC Template


Seems interesting. Will check it out today :slight_smile: thank you for sharing!

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excellent! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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