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how did you manage the kit switching? I thought it’s not possible to change the banks of the ND2 from the octatrack


You can do a bank change, it’s just a bit of a hassle. Details here:


Thanks for the link. I know this thread, I’m just always asking if somebody used the OT for kit switching on the ND2, if maybe I’ve missed something. I’d love to p-lock Bank changes for the ND2. Would be amazing.


Im getting very confused with the octatrack. I am mixing my tracks with the level knot wile in the playback mode. my problem is it only saves that setting for the pattern and when i switch patterns its whatever i did there last. is there a way to just adjust that tracks level for all the pattens at once?


should i reset the level on each pattern and tracks and adjust the gain on the samples?


Afaik thre’s not way to adjust levels for all patterns and also you can’t bypass the OT’s saving logic, which means everything you do is automatically saved and the only way to get back is to reload the part/pattern/bank whatever.

In general it usually better to adjust the level of the samples so they are all equal and use the level settings to “animate” the volume. IIRC the setting in the sample edit pages is global for the project.

Are you trying to gig with an OT that you just bought? It’s not one of those instruments you can easily do that. I mean, maybe you can, but it won’t be easy.


i have had it for a while but this is the first time with a project of samples from different spots and i never realized the level was per track before.

sounds like the gain setting on the samples is the way to go. it just a little bit of mixing needed.

im normal y looping with is to im controlling the volume pre the octa


Not sure if that helps, as I never found myself in your situation, but have you tried the VOL parameter on the AMP page?


i will have to check latter. im committing to the sample gain for right now its a easy fix for today. but need to figure this out going forward


+1 on that one - seems to be the way to have gain staging setup without needing to resort to the level control


Gain staging on the OT can be a major pain.
IN general what seems to work for me is: set the volume of the samples to a consistent one in the sample edit page. This way I have a solid base and don’t have to tweak things separately in every part.
Each track on each part then has two volume settings. One is like a VCA and comes before the FX and is called VOL (it’s on the AMP page) the other is the LEV.
The above difference is not trivial. If you have to fade out a track but do not want the delay tail to fade out with it in an unnatural way (as when you turn down the volume post-FX) then you need to use VOL.
LEV is not really intended to be p-locked or animated much, in general it’s advisable to use VOL except for main level adjustments (and XVOL if you want to modulate that via scenes).
Both LEV and VOL are stored in the part. This means that if you have track 1 wit ha level of 108 (default) in one part and with a level of 60 in the other, when you switch over you’ll get a jump in volume. Also all the parameters for a track (and hence also VOL and LEV) are always at the last setting you have put them to and there’s really not much you can do about it.
I do use the fader a lot to do volume fades. If you plan a piece carefully you can do all sorts of things with the fader by modulating VOL or using XVOL.
Another thing I do a lot is to prepare everything in an arrangement, organizing the piece in chains of patterns that loop and pre-setting on which scene I want the OT to land when it changes the pattern.
So for example, let’s say you have a track that you want to fade down at the end, and you then want to fade that same track up when the next pattern starts, but the two patterns are using different parts.
What you do is that you set up a scene where you can fade the track down, and another scene (in the next pattern) where you have the XVOL set to zero. In the arrangement you then select that scene to be assigned automatically when the pattern starts.
So when you reach the pattern where you want to do the fade out, you use the xfader to fade it down, then change to the next pattern without moving the fader. The scene where the track you need to fade up will be automatically selected, so now all you have to do is move the fade back to the other side to do the fade up.


Thanks for the info. I was in shambles right before the show but had a little bit of time to reset the level on each pattern and part and then adjust via the sample gain. Which sems like the way to go from what your saying. They more your know. Thanks so much.


The amp volume stays consistent for patterns unles the part changes. It seams like the sample gain is the most consistent way to go.


Hi Marcus! I know it’s been a long time since this post, but I’m planning to buy an Octatrack to use it for live looping without sync at all (asynchronous loops) and I just wanna make sure that I’m going to be able to do this. I want to sample sounds from my modular/op-1/violin performance without any bpm or programing at all. I’ve read that the pickup machines always have a master tempo, but you seem to have done it. Any help will be great.
I have a Monome grid and the Norns is going to be my next toy, but right now I have to wait for the next batch …

Thanks a lot!


This right here. Just recently after long last acquired one and due to the nature of the music I want to perform on it asynchronous looper is definitely the way to go! Thanks for starting this discussion guys, saved me at least a week of busting my head! :slight_smile:


any place to hear audio of this setup?


so do any of you OT users use Octaedit?


Ive been looking at it, and it looks great, but I realized that I havent actually turned the studio computer on since I got my octatrack in july, and I sort of like it :slight_smile:

Once I start booting that bad boy up again ill most likely shell out the cash and grab it.


I’ve heard here and there that the OT is a poor drummer, anyone care to explain why?


It’s not a poor drummer in my opinion, but also, it’s not where it shines most. I’ve explained my experience with the device some time ago in this thread, this links should take you to my comment above: OCTATRACK // uses / tips / tricks //