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to be honest i only use it with the Aleph… getting the OT was step01 of removing the computer from my playing process.
in terms of the midi triggering, unless you’re planning to do lots of finger drumming i don’t think it’s that much of a hole. Also for mlrv type things consider mapping the cross fader to play length too (you’ll see what i mean once you get started)


This is awesome!! Thank you for posting the “error/bug” that is most certainly now a feature for me. Much appreciated.


Very curious to know more about how you use the Aleph with the OT!


oh, nothing that exciting really… it’s a sound processor for my guitar and the output is just fed into the OT for effects/sampling.
On rare occasions I use the OT to sequence some stuff in the aleph, mainly jumping around in the delay lines so i can get some rhythmic sync between the two.


Does this mean that I can’t have a loop in 3/4, i.e., 3 steps? Would I need to re-trigger it 8 additional times (i.e., 24 steps)?


Sorry, I was not clear in my original post. Please let me clarify:
• I am solely refering to the Pickup machines (= Looper). Whenever I use one of these, and start a recording, a small counter is shown in the display, counting the steps that have elapsed since the recording has started. For some reason, all my recordings had lengths (in steps) that were multiples of 8, so the loops I created had length of e.g. 64 steps, or 16, or 128 etc.
• There’s no need to re-trigger a Pickup machine – once you end a recording, it automatically goes into playback (or overdub, depends on the mode you selected for the pickup machine).
Don’t know if this helps, but I tried.


Glad you found my post and it was useful! I totally discovered that by accident

I haven’t heard from too many people on it, so I wasn’t sure if others had the same luck with other versions of the OS, etc


btw how do you do that? i thought you always paste to the active pattern…

cheers! :slight_smile:


The same as switching a pattern but you don’t release the button for the pattern you select. Then you hold paste and it pastes into that pattern instead of switching to it.


Hi everyone!
Really nice and helpfull thread!

I have a question:
I am trying hard to understand how to record with a one-shot recorder trig and playback simultaneously. I did it yesterday and thought i got it… but today i got lost again.

I am recording from imput AB, i place the o-s trig while in the recording set up menu, playback trig enable in the same position of the o-s rec trig - press play, the machine starts recording but not playing the sample back…

What am i doing wrong?

Thanks you very much!! :wink:


What sample slot is selected for the track? It needs to be set to the corresponding record buffer. In some ways the recording screens are detached from their respective tracks. For example you could use track recorder one and it will record to buffer 1, but you can assign playback of that buffer to any flex machine track, even more than one. So make sure you have put a flex machine on the track that is using the right buffer as its source, and with the right playback mode.


Thx Man, you are right… i forgot that tracks in this case are hard-linked to the recording buffers.
I was sampling on buffer nr 5 but assigned the wrong track for the playback.

Thanks again.


Are any of you guys using rustys Octaedit? Man I wish that was around when I had my OT - it’s almost over bridge lite for the ot


Total noob question here: what’s the best way to interface the Octatrack with Eurorack, without a MIDI to CV module? Even if it’s just clocking the system…Trigger pulse sample out of a cue input? a MIDI to CV whip, similar to what the E-RM multiclock has?


Well I feel pretty uninventive after reading some of the other uses in this thread!

After having a Nord Lead 2 and the Octatrack for a while, I realised that they were the perfect pair! NL2 has 4 mono outs, Octa has 4 mono ins. I have the octa organised thusly:

Tracks 1-4: Thru machines for NL2
Tracks 5-8: Samples and whatnot
Cue outs: reverb send (currently using Valhalla vintage verb as I don’t have a hardware reverb)

I decided to make a collection of songs using just this, or try at least. I’m going for 6 tracks minimum, with one “complete” and a few ideas on the boil. I set myself this target as a condition before I’m allowed to buy any new gear, so there’s an incentive. The setup kinda lends itself to electro sounding stuff and that is indeed where it’s heading sound-wise.

Happily, the Octatrack can just about sit on the right hand side of the NL2 panel, so it’s quite a nice neat little setup :slight_smile:


Sry for the q but how do u send bank changes i cant seem to send bank changes…
Program changes r sent just fine though


Enter MIDI mode. Chose your MIDI track. Double-tap Playback, there’s an option there for bank change.


Bank changes can be a bit spotty, thanks to Elektron’s shoddy implementation. But it can be done. See more details here: https://www.elektronauts.com/t/midi-program-change-with-sub-37/29547


nope doesn’t work from there had to make a cc knob transfer to cc32 value -1 to get it to change banks (: thanx (: